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I think one of the things that is hard for me is keeping on task. I have a million little ideas that I want to do in SL but I gotta pick one or two and stick to them. So after some deep thoughts I have decided to open my own photo studio to take a few appointments a week for photos priced at a reasonable amount (I am still working on pricing). Now, just like in real life I gotta come up with the capital to start this business.

So like so many people before me I am selling my Gacha extras to help fund this business. Now I am putting my RL money into as well, but poses, backdrops, props and all that are not cheap and while I am building client base (hopefully) I gotta come up with another form of income to help me get this business off the ground.

I am still gonna keep my Lost Girl Desgins shape business going as well, but that will always just be a MP based business. I see no reason for me to make that an in world store at this time as I really make these shapes more for myself to play with and toss them up on the MP for only 99L$ so if someone likes them or needs a shape for their new bento head… there ya go with out breaking the bank because good god damn bento heads are expensive!

I am one of those people that knows that I will always end up putting money into SL but it can’t hurt to try and start some kind of business as well because ya know what guys… blogging is expensive as all get up! I am no where big enough to seek out blogger positions yet so all the stuff I blog I pay for, so please help me keep this blog going by supporting my businesses!

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All Commons  10L$ – 35L$, Items from all the “big” gacha events. New & Old. Doe, Glam Affair, Spell, Astraila, Alme, Commet, Moon Amore, Disorderly, Birch, and more! Hair, skins, clothes… really I have little bit of everything!

Please come buy my junk and help me get Winter Rose Studio off the ground!!!!

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New Shapes!

The best laid plans of mice and men…

I had planned to try and get a few new posts out and get my new shape up… but life got in the way. Sometimes I will be the first to admit I try way to hard to make plans that I know may not happen. It’s huge fault of mine, but when you has a medically complex kiddo in RL, life gets crazy. (more on this in a later post)

But I said I was going to launch a new shape and I am gonna do one better I got not one but two new shapes up on the marketplace!


Meet Candy! A shape I have been working on for quite some time. She is probably the closest I will get to my own personal shape. The idea behind Candy was to try and make something that could go sweet, yet sexy at the same time. Which was way harder for me to achieve that you would think! It is available for 99L$ on the marketplace!



Our second offering is the first of several shapes I am going to be launching over the next two months. Loosely based of minor characters from A Song of Ice and Fire or the books that Game of Thrones is based off of. Most of these characters are dead by the time the books/show starts. I decided to do this because I felt that it would be more fun for me to basically make these small characters come to life. When I originally read the ASoIaF books I actually started do sketches of some of the characters how they appeared in my mind which is what I lot of these shapes are based off of.


For fans of the books you may wonder which Elia is this shape based off of, well that would be Elia Martell, sister of the Red Viper and wife of Rhaegar Targaryen. Her beauty was legendary in the Seven Kingdoms and I have always be intrigued with the culture of Dorne. This is my first attempt at a more ethnic shape, with influences from several Asian and Middle Eastern features. That is the beauty of the Dornish race is it’s a very diverse and exotic race in the mostly white bread Westeros.

This is one of my favorite shapes I have made so far. She is beautiful and I had so much fun shooting this shape because it looked just about perfect in just about any light.


She is really a stunning shape that even if you aren’t a GoT fan that you could appreciate and use! I am extremely proud of this shape and like all my shapes she will be available on the marketplace for 99 L$.




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Birthdays and Launching a new shape!

So it was my RL birthday on the 13th…. and I thought it was a great idea to try and make a little party set up on my land that I was already in the process of trying to turn into the Godswood from Game of Thrones… because I am binge watching the whole series. *laughs* well it’s the truth!


I am using a lot from DRD’s Garden Party Gacha set… because I just think it’s cute and kinda boho which is a style I really enjoy. I loved that it came with these beautiful trees. I have thing for pretty trees… hench the whole Godswood. This is just a WIP of the build I still have to do some grass and fill in a lot of open spaces. I was honestly shocked at how out of practice I really am with all this stuff and having to go find so much has also been a task and half!


I LOVE these trees. I have been searching for a beautiful Heartree for my Godswood and while this isn’t a perfect match to how they are described in the story, they fit well enough for the over all look that I am going for in my next stage of the build after I take the party stuff down. Again these trees are from the DRD gacha “Garden Party”.


This is going to be the landing point for the party. I have to just find some grass but other wise I really like how this came out. The tub with flowers was a FLF item from last week if my memory serves me correctly.

SO as if my life isn’t already crazy enough with my RL keeping me oh so busy, I thought it was going to be a great time finish up my next shape for the marketplace called “Candy”. Here is a little preview:



I was smart enough this time to take pictures with a couple skins and I was really really pleased with how well the shape works with different skins. The top is one of the skins from Atomic’s Arcade Gacha and the bottom is Glam Affair gacha skin. I designed this skin with the dancer, stripper, escort crowed in mind. She is bit taller than my last shape and is… how can I put this… more buxom *giggles*

I will be doing a full blog post with it’s release soon. Probably next week sometime! Please make sure to check out my flickr for more photos!

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Isolde – A new shape by yours truly


I have been working a brand new shape that I am going to use to relaunch a brand I had tried to get off the ground years ago called “Lost Girl Designs”. The first line I am going to launch is a realistic, HQ line of shapes available for a reasonable price. Take the first shape in my line Isolde, this shape is being launched at special 99L$ promo price for one week (ends 5/25/2017) and will go up to 300 L$ I don’t intend on charging any more than that for my other shapes I am working on for the marketplace, custom shapes will be a different story… but I am keeping my marketplace store affordable and will be doing promos during the launches of the new shapes!

I have looked at a lot of the bento shapes out there and shockingly enough a lot of them are well over 1500L$. Which made me sit there and be like “Damn… that’s too much for a damn shape” which is why I even decided to start down this path of launching a shape line.


Another thing I have noticed that I feel like a lot of the shapes out there are huge! Just way too tall. Perhaps it’s because I really am stickler for proportions and realistic heights. When I first started there was a huge trend in Amazon sized female avatars and I never quite got my head wrapped around why lol.

I really like her face, it’s very much a little pixie like face which is something I think is very cute. There is a certain doll like quality that I enjoy with my shapes in SL. So her round face and very delicate features really play into that quality


The shape and face are made specifically for the Matrieya Lara body and the Catwa Catya Bento Head. You will not get the same look from using another combination and the head shape in particular will not work with out this head. If you have another bento head it may work but you will get a different result.

The avatar height is only 5ft 8inches, I will not include a taller shape in this package. It will be mod so if you want to play with the height or the sliders you are more than welcome to do so.  I have always felt a good shape is really little more than the frame work for you play with the sliders and make your face truly your own.


As I go forward with making shapes and hopefully other items for avatars I will keep the blog updated with all the news about what is being launched and when. I have a few other classic avatar shapes that I will be putting up on my marketplace store for just a few L$ for new SL residents and those who don’t wish to have as mesh body.

I will keep all my items affordable because I understand we want our avatars to look the best they possibly can but often it’s hard to keep up with trends and fashion when you are on a budget!

I will also offer custom shape services, please contact me via my e-mail for all inquiries about custom shapes.



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Not Enough Coffee In the World


Raise your hands if coffee is your go to concentration drink….

The last week really has been crazy in my RL, nothing serious or scary, but still just busy. So my SL time has been pretty limited to a few late night hours after my tiny human decides to go to bed. I try and catch my friends on so we can work on our homeland and businesses.

Speaking of businesses I have been deep in the depths of pre-launch hell. I have been using most of my free time in SL to work on my new line of affordable bento shapes. I was really sad to see the price of a lot of the shapes for the Bento heads… 1200 L$!?!? after spending upwards of 4k on a new Bento head! NOPE, that’s just too much money.

So I set about to make some very cute and affordable shapes… it seemed like such a simple idea. I love making shapes and it is one of my past times in SL. The new Bento systems though really makes doing unique shapes just a little bit harder. I spend way more time working on the faces for Bento shapes, but I am extremely pleased with results.

There is so much more to launching a SL business than just making your products. There are information note cards to write out. TIP – I do all my notecards in Google Docs first. I have found it wise to have a out of world backup. Google Docs is perfect as well because I can access and work on the notecards when I am not in world and even when I am not on my computer.

Beyond notecards you need promo images, that is always the most important part of things beyond the product itself. Those take nearly as much time as the notecards to be perfectly honest. There is styling involved. Setting up the photoshoot. Taking the photos. Post production on the photos. It all adds up to a lot of little things that have to be done in order to launch.

The last thing obviously is promotion of some kind. For me obviously I will be doing an extensive blog post about my flagship shape for my Bento line and a custom shape service that I am launching with the Bento shape line. Again, simple enough and something I really enjoy but it is still hours worth of work. It’s all just a lot.

The funny thing is this is just my personal business that I have been devoting a lot of time to. There is also the larger brand that I am working on launching with my SL sisters, called Curio Creative. Which is a umbrella brand for a bunch of different smaller businesses that we are working on launching. The services we offer will range from a photo studio to a land and event design business and really anything you can think of in between. The concept behind Curio Creative is that we are a group of talented artists who are going to come together to work together and support each other’s artistic endeavors. Awesome concept…. lots of work to get it going.

I really think moving sims mid pre-launch prep didn’t help us any but we ran out of space and needed a larger sim, but that’s (second) life.

Stay tuned for my next post about my flagship shape and my custom shape services, I am hoping the first shape will go live on the Marketplace by tomorrow with at least one more shape launched by the end of the weekend and third by this time next week. So busy busy busy guys!

Send more coffee!