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Shopping Adventures: Zombie Suicide


I think the reason a lot of people in SL who love to shop become bloggers because we feel the need to justify our shopping habits… or at least that is what I am telling myself. While waiting for the Bish Box to be sent out this morning I was like hey lets go try out a new store. I picked Zombie Suicide for the most random of reasons… I liked the name and the owner followed me on Flickr. SO off I went.

It is a nice enough store, very large. It was a little hard to find some of the stuff that I was looking for but it only added to the exploring factor. There is some sort of special going on this weekend. Their VIP group is free for a short period of time and there are free gifts plus you get 25% store credit… which is always a bonus for me. I didn’t have a ton of L$ to drop but I ran around and grabbed a few different things that caught my eye.


So going through my inventory I noticed I had already gotten an eyeshadow applier pack from their store before so I opted for another make up applier first. This time I snagged the “Valentine” lip stick pack. It had some neat colors that I normally wouldn’t have gotten. I liked the purple a lot and based the rest of my make up around that for the photos.

All their make up is about 200L$ which is fine in my book but the only thing I have to say annoys me about ZS make up appliers is there are separate applier huds for each color. I would love to see on HUD for all the colors like many other brands do and pictures of the color you are applying would be awesome as well. I liked a lot of the make ups but the applier situation does kinda make me question if I am going to go back and pick up any more. Perhaps in the future they will change their HUD system, but I will defiantly keep checking back to see what new make up they have for sure. Their make up comes with a few different appliers including, Omega, Catwa and Lelutka so between those three you should be covered!


The next item I snagged up was this cute crop top called “Lissy Top”, it is super cute. I like how it fit. Like a lot of mesh clothes it did clip a bit in spots with some of the poses I was using and with my new bento AO from Tuty’s but for the most part is was nothing that a little time playing around with the Alpha on my body couldn’t fix. It does come in a variety of sizes for the different body types. It comes with a color changing HUD and some of the other colors were really nice as well, but as always black is my go to color.


Shoes are something I actually forget about a lot when I am out shopping. I hated the pre-mesh prim shoes so I pretty much always wore the same pair for years. With the new mesh systems it makes having a lot of different styles of shoes much easier. I am enjoying the new options.

I liked these shoes called “New Day Plats” because they looked like they were summer shoes but for someone with a darker color pallet, which I have. Just because I wear a lot of dark colors doesn’t mean I don’t want cute summer shoes too. The texture change HUD worked great and it comes with a lot of different color options you don’t see available with such a cute shoe. At 250$L they were the most expensive item I got today from the store but they were totally worth it!

I feel like overall the brand is in some kind of transition, I had popped over there a few weeks ago and they were in the middle of remodel of the store… SO that make me very curious to see what they are going to be doing in the coming months.

I would love to see some more clothes from Zombie Suicide, even though some of skirts were not my personal style being so short… I loved the textures on them. I liked almost all the texture work I saw on the clothes so that is really important for me when I am looking at over all brands.

Zombie Suicide Marketplace Store –

Zombie Suicide Flickr –


Non- Zombie Suicide Items in the photos –

Hair – Doe

Skin – Glam Affair (FLF)

Leggings – Blueberry

Necklace – Plastik

Ears – Mandala

Tattoos – Inhale

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My Favorite 50L$ Friday Finds! – 5/19/17


Fifty Linden Fridays is a staple of the SL shopping community, it has been around for as long as I can remember in SL and I have always enjoyed finding (or rediscovering) designers through it. I always keep an eye on what’s offered that week and this week I wanted to bring you guys a quick blog post breaking down some of my favorite steals from today’s event!

Glam Affair – Alura (American tone) – So I have a couple of Glam Affair skins I have gotten through Gacha’s but they are the Artic tone and I wasn’t a huge fan of them but this particular skin tone I think is rather beautiful. I am not a huge tan skin wearer (I am painfully pale in RL) but I really like this tone and may wear it off and on during the summer months. It was well worth the L$ and perk for those of us with the “Lara” body you don’t need skin appliers for Glam Affair Skins! They are built into the body and hud!

Junebug – Dress – I have no formal dresses on this avatar. I have had no reason to get one yet but when I saw this beauty up at Junebug for 50L$ I couldn’t say no. I am modeling the lace model. It’s very soft yet sultry in the same breath. The texturing is superb and I really enjoy the color with the skin tone that I got at Glam Affair. The dress is only for the Lara body, but I will say that there was no clipping which I always find to be a perk.


Curemore – Dragon Eyes – I am huge Curemore fan, I love their work. I was not disappointed with the set of eyes and dragon tears they released this week. I didn’t have a chance to test the tears out but the eyes are just beautiful. I am wearing the violet color and I think they are just so interesting. I will most certainly be coming up with some ways to work these fantasy items into some upcoming photo shots.

Non – FLF items –

Hair by Doe *gacha item*

Necklaces by Plastik *gacha item*

Liprings – Code – 5 –

Ears – Mandala –


The last item I got ended up with it’s own outfit, but they are super cute pair of shorts and tied up plaid shirt from Miss Chelsea. I had never been to this store before. I had heard of them but I hadn’t ended up poking around but I am going to have to go back and check out some more of their stuff because I really love these shorts. They are really well textured and just love the little details like the bottoms of the pockets sticking out from the bottom of the shorts.

The hair is also a past FLF item from Wasabi Pill  and I have been a huge fan of theirs for years and was so excited that this hair worked really well with the outfit.

Non – FLF Items

Top – R3Volt –

Backdrop – Astralia – Vintage Backgrounds – Dressing Room – From the Rewind Event.


Don’t forget to come back to check out my Bish Box Unboxing when it releases tomorrow!

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Isolde – A new shape by yours truly


I have been working a brand new shape that I am going to use to relaunch a brand I had tried to get off the ground years ago called “Lost Girl Designs”. The first line I am going to launch is a realistic, HQ line of shapes available for a reasonable price. Take the first shape in my line Isolde, this shape is being launched at special 99L$ promo price for one week (ends 5/25/2017) and will go up to 300 L$ I don’t intend on charging any more than that for my other shapes I am working on for the marketplace, custom shapes will be a different story… but I am keeping my marketplace store affordable and will be doing promos during the launches of the new shapes!

I have looked at a lot of the bento shapes out there and shockingly enough a lot of them are well over 1500L$. Which made me sit there and be like “Damn… that’s too much for a damn shape” which is why I even decided to start down this path of launching a shape line.


Another thing I have noticed that I feel like a lot of the shapes out there are huge! Just way too tall. Perhaps it’s because I really am stickler for proportions and realistic heights. When I first started there was a huge trend in Amazon sized female avatars and I never quite got my head wrapped around why lol.

I really like her face, it’s very much a little pixie like face which is something I think is very cute. There is a certain doll like quality that I enjoy with my shapes in SL. So her round face and very delicate features really play into that quality


The shape and face are made specifically for the Matrieya Lara body and the Catwa Catya Bento Head. You will not get the same look from using another combination and the head shape in particular will not work with out this head. If you have another bento head it may work but you will get a different result.

The avatar height is only 5ft 8inches, I will not include a taller shape in this package. It will be mod so if you want to play with the height or the sliders you are more than welcome to do so.  I have always felt a good shape is really little more than the frame work for you play with the sliders and make your face truly your own.


As I go forward with making shapes and hopefully other items for avatars I will keep the blog updated with all the news about what is being launched and when. I have a few other classic avatar shapes that I will be putting up on my marketplace store for just a few L$ for new SL residents and those who don’t wish to have as mesh body.

I will keep all my items affordable because I understand we want our avatars to look the best they possibly can but often it’s hard to keep up with trends and fashion when you are on a budget!

I will also offer custom shape services, please contact me via my e-mail for all inquiries about custom shapes.



SL Marketplace Listing for the Isolde Shape –

SL Marketplace Store-

Flickr –

Twitter –

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Not Enough Coffee In the World


Raise your hands if coffee is your go to concentration drink….

The last week really has been crazy in my RL, nothing serious or scary, but still just busy. So my SL time has been pretty limited to a few late night hours after my tiny human decides to go to bed. I try and catch my friends on so we can work on our homeland and businesses.

Speaking of businesses I have been deep in the depths of pre-launch hell. I have been using most of my free time in SL to work on my new line of affordable bento shapes. I was really sad to see the price of a lot of the shapes for the Bento heads… 1200 L$!?!? after spending upwards of 4k on a new Bento head! NOPE, that’s just too much money.

So I set about to make some very cute and affordable shapes… it seemed like such a simple idea. I love making shapes and it is one of my past times in SL. The new Bento systems though really makes doing unique shapes just a little bit harder. I spend way more time working on the faces for Bento shapes, but I am extremely pleased with results.

There is so much more to launching a SL business than just making your products. There are information note cards to write out. TIP – I do all my notecards in Google Docs first. I have found it wise to have a out of world backup. Google Docs is perfect as well because I can access and work on the notecards when I am not in world and even when I am not on my computer.

Beyond notecards you need promo images, that is always the most important part of things beyond the product itself. Those take nearly as much time as the notecards to be perfectly honest. There is styling involved. Setting up the photoshoot. Taking the photos. Post production on the photos. It all adds up to a lot of little things that have to be done in order to launch.

The last thing obviously is promotion of some kind. For me obviously I will be doing an extensive blog post about my flagship shape for my Bento line and a custom shape service that I am launching with the Bento shape line. Again, simple enough and something I really enjoy but it is still hours worth of work. It’s all just a lot.

The funny thing is this is just my personal business that I have been devoting a lot of time to. There is also the larger brand that I am working on launching with my SL sisters, called Curio Creative. Which is a umbrella brand for a bunch of different smaller businesses that we are working on launching. The services we offer will range from a photo studio to a land and event design business and really anything you can think of in between. The concept behind Curio Creative is that we are a group of talented artists who are going to come together to work together and support each other’s artistic endeavors. Awesome concept…. lots of work to get it going.

I really think moving sims mid pre-launch prep didn’t help us any but we ran out of space and needed a larger sim, but that’s (second) life.

Stay tuned for my next post about my flagship shape and my custom shape services, I am hoping the first shape will go live on the Marketplace by tomorrow with at least one more shape launched by the end of the weekend and third by this time next week. So busy busy busy guys!

Send more coffee!

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Just be you…


Fashion in SL is a tough subject because what I may like and think is cool you may think it’s hideous. It’s like RL like that in a lot of ways I guess. Personal style even in SL is deeply personal. Each item chosen for that outfit with care and thought. I have a very geeky, cheeky, casual style both in RL and SL. I do like a good pair of heals and a nice dress in SL a lot more than I do in RL but for the most part I try to keep it simple. My staple outfits and pieces are things that I would probably want to wear in RL as well.

Take the cute little sweater in the picture above, I snagged it at the Dark Style Fair the other night when I went wondering late at night. I grabbed it because one of my favorite shows is the X-Files. I thought it looked comfortable, yes that is something I look at in SL clothes at time, and it was really well textured. It’s by a brand called Wonderlost and when I ventured to their main store after the lag at the Dark Style fair started to get to me, I was pleasantly surprised bye the funny and pretty sassy little shirts they had.

I wasn’t going in to buy anything else but I ended up leaving with this cute little sweater dress.


Yeah yeah I know it’s the same pose but the dress is super cute. If I am feeling flirty I can wear it alone, as on my shape it covers almost to mid thigh. If I want to cover a bit more a nice pair of leggings (may I suggest Blueberry’s “cake” leggings) and a super cute pair of boots could be added to cover a bit more skin up. The only draw back to the dress was it was not for my mesh body, I had to take quite a bit of time to get all the bits to go away with the alpha tab in the hud. But I totally think it is 100% worth the time it took to alpha all the clipping out. I honestly think that the dress is an older design but it still stands up and is very cute. Though I will say this… if you don’t have a pair of layer panties and get this dress… you may want to invest in a pair of panties if you don’t want creepers caming up your skirt.

Overall though I am planning on going back and getting at least one, if not two more versions of this dress because I really do like it is a lot and think it will be really nice to wear out to events and great for fall themed photos later this year.

Wonderlost is defiantly a store I will be keeping my eyes on closely. I like there over all style. If you are a very sassy and well textured clothes go check them out. They didn’t have much in the way of new styles on their marketplace store, their in world store really has a superior collection.

The sweater dress is available in the in world store. The sweater in the top photo is a Dark Style Fair Exclusive, so you will have to get out there before the 22nd of May to grab that. They had a lot of other cute styles of that sweater up top. Lots of funny sayings and ones about SL stuff like Lag as well. SO please if you like this style check it out, even if you aren’t the sassy type why don’t you look at some of their other styles available at their store.


Quick note before I let you guys go…

I pre-ordered BISH BOX! I am going to try and snag at least one subscription box a month to breakdown and review for you guys. Maybe more as time goes on, but after a lot research I really found the subscription boxes really are a great deal L$ wise if you roll the dice and order them before the release. SO that is something I am really looking forward to. I am going to try really… really… really… hard to get it out on the 20th when it is released but my RL can get pretty crazy so it may be out on the 21st.

Thank you so much for all the follows on the blog, on flickr and on twitter! It really means so much to me know that people are reading and enjoying my work.

My Flickr:

My Twitter:

If there are any other social media sites I should sign up for to connect with more people I would be happy to hear some suggestions! Just leave a comment below ❤

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Beach Ball Sized Lady Nuts


I love The Walking Dead, I love the show, I love the comics… it is by far the most rabid of my fandoms. So I knew, from the second I rejoined SL that I was going to do some full on TWD photoshoots and outfits. In RL I am huge admirer of Cosplay and the skill it takes to create these amazing costumes you see out there. I am also really blessed to be friends with some AMAZING cosplayers in RL. I once dabbled in cosplaying and did a lot of costuming for my high school’s theater productions. It was a huge passion of mine. I learned to sew at a young age from a gifted seamstress (my mom) and found a lot of satisfaction in seeing a costume from concept to reality. Now with being a full time mom I just don’t have the time to break out my sewing machine spend months and months on a costume and go to a con. It really was something that made me really sad.

SL is giving me that part of my life back in some strange way. I hunt for different pieces to outfits inspired by my favorite shows and books in SL and on the marketplace between rounds of dishes, homeschooling, cleaning and other parts of my life that make sitting down and planning a RL costume out so difficult. It still can take me a long time to find each and every component of a costume.


Take this Negan inspired outfit for example, it’s far from complete… I still have a lot of different pieces I want to try and hunt down. It all started when I found this insanely HQ Lucille on the market place just looking for random things that would be cool to have. ( – buy the bat here) It was fairly inexpensive at a steal of 199 L$ and it does come with a HUD for different options for the color and blood on the bat. I had to have it.

From there I began my search for the perfect Leather Jacket. I know there are some really well done full Negan costumes… but I didn’t want to go that route. I wanted a unique, pin-up style outfit that would be my own… but inspired by probably my favorite villain to ever grace the small screen. I have ended up going through two different Jackets at this point, the one I am wearing in these photos is from Addams. I think I will stay with this Jacket for the time being but there is always new items being released so I keep an eye out for anything that would be slightly better.

Instead of the signature red scarf, as I was worried about mesh and texture clipping and other issues for photos and just general wear. I opted for an ombre styled hair from Magika where I could bring in that signature blood red tone into the outfit in a subtle yet logical way. I really love this hair. It’s called “Unknown” and it has become one of my favorite hairs to wear just in general. It calls me back to my slightly Emo high school years LOL.

I am unsure if I am going to stay with these particular shorts from Blueberry or if I am going to seak out something a little bit more grungy. I tried the look previously with a pair of jeans (also from Blueberry) but I wasn’t satisfied with the overall feel of the outfit. I am in serious debate if I am going to go for a skirt, and perhaps…if I can find them… some garter and socks with some blood splatter on them for the final look.


Shoes and other accessories have been a bit of a challenge so far. Make-up as well. I am in desperate search of some really lovely combat boots that are made for women. Sadly I have yet to find anything that feel quite right. I am even more upset because last month’s Bish Box had the perfect boots/socks combo but I do not feel ok spending 3k L$ on a whole box… just for a pair of boots. I really really hope that the designer will be releasing them on their own at some point.

The last part of the puzzle that I haven’t really started on too much is the actual set and backdrop for the photos I am planning. I grabbed the poses I wanted to use when i came across them but I am still in search of the actual set. I am sure that will be that last thing I find, because it always is.

These photos are by no means the final ones for the Negan look. It still has a long way to go, but I am looking forward to the adventure of finding all the pieces to the puzzle!

Please keep checking back for updates on my Negan costume.

Also check out my Flickr:

I am trying to upload photos regularly. I don’t always post all my photos to my blogs, so if you enjoy my style and photography please make sure to follow me there as well!

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This is how we roll…


I think one thing that everyone needs to understand is I am painfully dorky. It’s ok, I am well aware of it so don’t worry…. Also I usually am involved a dozen different things at once. It’s just my style… it’s how I roll. It’s also how my group of SL friends/family roll as well. We always have a bunch of things going on at once. There is a reason our shop/headquarters is called Curio Creative, because we have a lot of different services to offer in SL.

Recently we got into the Fawns breeding realm. Ok… less crazy breeders more small time people who think these little fawnies are the cutest breedable pets ever to hit SL! I mean… come on… how could you say no to a sweet face like that. Plus they are also wearable pets which is awesome as I usually like to travel with some critter. The thing I love the most about the Fawns though is the fact they DO NOT need food  to breed. Yes does their “food” help them breed faster but unlike the Ozimals that I used to breed years ago they don’t need food. Which honestly makes me over the moon. Because bunny food got expensive.

I am not a huge breedables person, I once was in the depths of bunny hell but I always was way too busy with other things. I also think if you get into breedables only as source of SL income that is just a poor idea. Breeding in SL is one of those things that can get way out of hand really fast. Something that that starts with one or two nests suddenly turns into an over flow of bunnies, meroos and fawns. I think that is why I am super proud of myself I only picked a hand full of nests for a pretty good deal and I shall see what pops up. That’s the fun for me. Seeing what my pretty little fawn babies make.


I don’t expect myself to become a crazy fawn lady, but I am happy to have something new to entertain myself with in SL. In my humble opinion that is where the true fun of breedables lay. So if you are a fellow fawn breeder keep an eye out for me at some of the fawn auctions and such coming up over the next few weeks.

My Fawn’s Names:






McCreedy – Still a Nest

If you get where a good chunk of my names come from then we can be friends.