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{thrashing & adorable}


Oh have I expressed how much I love skateboarding lately? But the key is looking super cute while thrashing up a storm. The key to round out any good outfit really (in my humble opinion) is a good hair.

I am rocking this awesome NEW hair from F.I.O.F.O called “Haley” which you can go snag in a bunch of awesome colors at their main store location in world! One of my favorite things about this hair may be completely personal.. but it looks a lot like a hair I modded into my Fallout 4 game last year (which was my favorite mod) so when I saw it I got soooo excited.

It is a great casual, easy going hair!



Full Outfit/Photo information.

Backdrop – BadUnicorn

Hair – F.I.O.F.O fashions – Haley

Skin – Pumec – Lilith – January

Eyes – Elderberry – Rainbow

Lips – Izzies – Reds – FLF item

Eyeshadow – Adored – Teenage Dirtbag – Powder Pack

Piercing – Sucidal Unborn

Tattoos – Speakeasy – Girl Boss

Top – Pretty Mess – Black Crops – FLF

Jeans – Blueberry – DWL Fadded

Pose – Everglow – Skateboard 2- pose #8

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{sweet summer child} – part two

…and on to part two of my Miss. Chelsea haul. I gotta say, I don’t do massive shops very often, mostly because I am pretty picky when it comes to my personal style but Miss. Chelsea has some of the best casual clothes (at least for my tastes) that I have found. They are totally on par with Blueberry for me when it comes to staple pieces. I did get a top that is more of a “special” piece. This top was something that I was like “oh I want something like this to really wear”. I loved the baggy fall sweater, I know I said I was looking for summer clothes but this totally works for a cool summer evening and I am sticking to that story. It came in a variety of mutted colors but like usual I went with a black/grey tone. I paired it with their “jeggings” and despite some clipping it worked pretty well.

Now I can’t remember or not, but this dress may actually be one of the group gifts. It’s one of the rare Miss. Chelsea items that comes with a color/texture changing hud, which is a feature I love personally. I liked this little dress, it works very well for a going out to the club situation.

Now the shorts are a different color of a past FLF item that I loved and I obviously needed them in more than just the Pink they had for FLF about a month or so ago. They are fun and pretty awesome as far as shorts go with that nifty plaid shirt tied around the waist.

I also got to point out that the hair I am wearing in this photo was from this friday’s (7/7/17) FLF from Wasabi Pills, which is long time favorite hair store of mine and the pretty awesome cup featured in this photo as well is an item from DRBC from the latest round of The Chapter Four (you get it when you buy their lipstick “coffee stains” which I wore in the previous photo set).

I know my photo’s aren’t super complex (yet) but I am working on acquiring more and more items. It’s a process over time to build a solid prop library and while thanks in part to Gacha events I am getting a lot more stuff to work with it is still going to take time for me to really get all the items I need. I have a very small plot of land and I am currently trying to set up three different areas for photos. So that being said I hope to be bringing you some more interesting (is that even the right word?) photos here before too long. It’s very expensive to buy high quality landscaping items and I had absolutely none in my inventory prior to May, so as time goes on… things (I hope) will get better and better.

The blog is still in it’s baby years ūüėõ

Full outfit lists below:

Outfit #1

Hair – Doe – June Arcade ’17

Top – Miss Chelsea –

Leggings – Miss. Chelsea

Skin – Glam Affair – gacha item

Tattoos – Dappa – Imagine

Lipstick – Warpaint* – Berry

Outfit #2

Hair – Exile – No One

Dress – Miss. Chelsea

Skin – Glam Affair – gacha item

Tattoos – Dappa – Imagine

Eyeshadow – Suicidal Unborn –

Lipstick – DRBC – Coffee Stains – The Chapter Four (July 2017)

Necklace – Spell – Dragon Choker Silver (gacha item)


Skin – Glam Affair – gacha item

Tattoos – Dappa – Imagine

Eyeshadow – Zombie Suicide –

Lipstick – Warpaint* – Berry

Top – BOOM (flf item)

Hair – Wasabi Pills – flf item

Tumbler – DRBC – “Resting Witch Face” Cup

Shorts – miss Chelsea – effie shorts


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{sweet summer child} – part one

One of my favorite things about holidays is sales… both in RL and SL. One of those sales I stumbled across a great on at Miss Chelsea which is one of my favorite Fifty Linden Friday stops. To have access to the sale you do have to be part of the group but it is 100L$ spent! There are a couple great group gifts too.

I had been spying this dress but I hate spending so much on a dress that I probably won’t wear for much more of pictures or the rare occasion I go out of a club. It’s very cute and to me feels like something I would slouch around the house in, so perhaps I will wear this a little more often.

The second thing I snagged was this outfit which is a cute little t-shirt, I got the ones with desgins, and a pair of shorts. One thing I can say is that I don’t have much in way of summer clothes so this sale has provided me with some much needed summer running around clothes and I just was so stinking happy when I figured out that even their packs which are normally 500L$ were also half so I took full advantage and so pleased!

AH this leggings/top combo… probably my very very favorite outfit of the moment. With this hair and the pair of heals I have on… it makes me feel like a punk rock Sandy from Grease (…see it????… *giggles*). I will get SO MUCH use out of these legging and plaid shirt combo, this is a look I do very often in RL so I squeed with joy when I saw these and got them in all the colors.. which was a rare splurge for me.

The whole feel of these photos is embracing summer, and for me summer is about enjoying beautiful weather… even if you wear all black. HAHA.


Outfit Lists

Outfit #1

Dress – Miss Chelsea – Lili Tee Dress – Grey

Tattoos – Dappa – Imagination

Skin – Glam Affair – from the Loot Box Gacha event

Necklace – Minimal – “Animal Companions – Moose Gold”

Hair – Clawtooth

Make Up – Suicidal Unborn & Warpaint*

Outfit #2

Outfit – Miss. Chelsea – Leia Outfit – Galaxy

Tattoos – Dappa – Imagination

Skin – Glam Affair – from the Loot Box Gacha event

Hair – Magika – The Wish [04]

Necklace – Zombie Suicide – Fable

Outfit #3

Leggings – Alva Leggings – Purple

Top – Liza Top – Black

Tattoos – Dappa – Imagination

Skin – Glam Affair – from the Loot Box Gacha event

Necklace- Pixel Box – Dark Cross and Magic


All the backgrounds are from Second Snaps!

Stay Tuned for part 2!!

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New Shapes!

The best laid plans of mice and men…

I had planned to try and get a few new posts out and get my new shape up… but life got in the way. Sometimes I will be the first to admit I try way to hard to make plans that I know may not happen. It’s huge fault of mine, but when you has a medically complex kiddo in RL, life gets crazy. (more on this in a later post)

But I said I was going to launch a new shape and I am gonna do one better I got not one but two new shapes up on the marketplace!


Meet Candy! A shape I have been working on for quite some time. She is probably the closest I will get to my own personal shape. The idea behind Candy was to try and make something that could go sweet, yet sexy at the same time. Which was way harder for me to achieve that you would think! It is available for 99L$ on the marketplace!

Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LGD-Candy-Catya-Bento-Shape/12146324


Our second offering is the first of several shapes I am going to be launching over the next two months. Loosely based of minor characters from A Song of Ice and Fire or the books that Game of Thrones is based off of. Most of these characters are dead by the time the books/show starts. I decided to do this because I felt that it would be more fun for me to basically make these small characters come to life. When I originally read the ASoIaF books I actually started do sketches of some of the characters how they appeared in my mind which is what I lot of these shapes are based off of.


For fans of the books you may wonder which Elia is this shape based off of, well that would be Elia Martell, sister of the Red Viper and wife of Rhaegar Targaryen. Her beauty was legendary in the Seven Kingdoms and I have always be intrigued with the culture of Dorne. This is my first attempt at a more ethnic shape, with influences from several Asian and Middle Eastern features. That is the beauty of the Dornish race is it’s a very diverse and exotic race in the mostly white bread Westeros.

This is one of my favorite shapes I have made so far. She is beautiful and I had so much fun shooting this shape because it looked just about perfect in just about any light.


She is really a stunning shape that even if you aren’t a GoT fan that you could appreciate and use! I am extremely proud of this shape and like all my shapes she will be available on the marketplace for 99 L$.

Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LGD-Elia-Shape-for-Catwa-Catya/12146342



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So I got distracted by hair…again


With out a single doubt in my mind, besides poses, the next largest file in my inventory is marked “!!HAIR” because I love to change my hair… A LOT. I am also super picky about my hair, then again I am super picky about everything I wear in SL for that matter. HAHA. Ok in all seriousness though, when I am putting together an outfit I have always felt that hair plays a crucial role.

I am not one of those people who only wear one brand of hair. Back in the day I was, it was usually all Truth hair. Since coming back though, I have decided to be really open to different designers and I have come to discover I like A LOT of different designers.

My newest discovery is Tableau Vivant, which I am sure a lot of people already were aware of but they are pretty new to me. See I am an avid shopper of the event Collabor88, it has been around for ages and always has amazing finds. When I popped round to check out this month’s event I feel in love with Tableau Vivant’s offering this month.


It’s a unisex undercut hair style. They also have a hair base (Omega and Catwa appliers) that goes along with that I highly recommend getting as well. This is a hair style that I would have probably had in my late teen years when I was still fairly heavy into goth scene. It’s a lot of fun for some slightly androgynous pictures of some throw back to my punk rock days.

It’s a fun hair and It wasn’t too expensive, which is always a perk.

If you want to learn more about the Collabor88 event please go hop over to their blog! : http://collabor88.com/

If you are courious to see what else Tableau Vivant has to offer SL in the way of beautiful hair style, hop on over to their marketplace store!  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/147454

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Just be you…


Fashion in SL is a tough subject because what I may like and think is cool you may think it’s hideous. It’s like RL like that in a lot of ways I guess. Personal style even in SL is deeply personal. Each item chosen for that outfit with care and thought. I have a very geeky, cheeky, casual style both in RL and SL. I do like a good pair of heals and a nice dress in SL a lot more than I do in RL but for the most part I try to keep it simple. My staple outfits and pieces are things that I would probably want to wear in RL as well.

Take the cute little sweater in the picture above, I snagged it at the Dark Style Fair the other night when I went wondering late at night. I grabbed it because one of my favorite shows is the X-Files. I thought it looked comfortable, yes that is something I look at in SL clothes at time, and it was really well textured. It’s by a brand called Wonderlost and when I ventured to their main store after the lag at the Dark Style fair started to get to me, I was pleasantly surprised bye the funny and pretty sassy little shirts they had.

I wasn’t going in to buy anything else but I ended up leaving with this cute little sweater dress.


Yeah yeah I know it’s the same pose but the dress is super cute. If I am feeling flirty I can wear it alone, as on my shape it covers almost to mid thigh. If I want to cover a bit more a nice pair of leggings (may I suggest Blueberry’s “cake” leggings) and a super cute pair of boots could be added to cover a bit more skin up. The only draw back to the dress was it was not for my mesh body, I had to take quite a bit of time to get all the bits to go away with the alpha tab in the hud. But I totally think it is 100% worth the time it took to alpha all the clipping out. I honestly think that the dress is an older design but it still stands up and is very cute. Though I will say this… if you don’t have a pair of layer panties and get this dress… you may want to invest in a pair of panties if you don’t want creepers caming up your skirt.

Overall though I am planning on going back and getting at least one, if not two more versions of this dress because I really do like it is a lot and think it will be really nice to wear out to events and great for fall themed photos later this year.

Wonderlost is defiantly a store I will be keeping my eyes on closely. I like there over all style. If you are a very sassy and well textured clothes go check them out. They didn’t have much in the way of new styles on their marketplace store, their in world store really has a superior collection.

The sweater dress is available in the in world store. The sweater in the top photo is a Dark Style Fair Exclusive, so you will have to get out there before the 22nd of May to grab that. They had a lot of other cute styles of that sweater up top. Lots of funny sayings and¬†ones about SL stuff like Lag as well. SO please if you like this style check it out, even if you aren’t the sassy type why don’t you look at some of their other styles available at their store.


Quick note before I let you guys go…

I pre-ordered BISH BOX! I am going to try and snag at least one subscription box a month to breakdown and review for you guys. Maybe more as time goes on, but after a lot research I really found the subscription boxes really are a great deal L$ wise if you roll the dice and order them before the release. SO that is something I am really looking forward to. I am going to try really… really… really… hard to get it out on the 20th when it is released but my RL can get pretty crazy so it may be out on the 21st.

Thank you so much for all the follows on the blog, on flickr and on twitter! It really means so much to me know that people are reading and enjoying my work.

My Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/153867249@N08/80Xqxz

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/thejanesnow

If there are any other social media sites I should sign up for to connect with more people I would be happy to hear some suggestions! Just leave a comment below ‚̧

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Beach Ball Sized Lady Nuts


I love The Walking Dead, I love the show, I love the comics… it is by far the most rabid of my fandoms. So I knew, from the second I rejoined SL that I was going to do some full on TWD photoshoots and outfits. In RL I am huge admirer of Cosplay and the skill it takes to create these amazing costumes you see out there. I am also really blessed to be friends with some AMAZING cosplayers in RL. I once dabbled in cosplaying and did a lot of costuming for my high school’s theater productions. It was a huge passion of mine. I learned to sew at a young age from a gifted seamstress (my mom) and found a lot of satisfaction in seeing a costume from concept to reality. Now with being a full time mom I just don’t have the time to break out my sewing machine spend months and months on a costume and go to a con. It really was something that made me really sad.

SL is giving me that part of my life back in some strange way. I hunt for different pieces to outfits inspired by my favorite shows and books in SL and on the marketplace between rounds of dishes, homeschooling, cleaning and other parts of my life that make sitting down and planning a RL costume out so difficult. It still can take me a long time to find each and every component of a costume.


Take this Negan inspired outfit for example, it’s far from complete… I still have a lot of different pieces I want to try and hunt down. It all started when I found this insanely HQ Lucille on the market place just looking for random things that would be cool to have. (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Converge-Lucille-Bat/11359209 – buy the bat here) It was fairly inexpensive at a steal of 199 L$ and it does come with a HUD for different options for the color and blood on the bat. I had to have it.

From there I began my search for the perfect Leather Jacket. I know there are some really well done full Negan costumes… but I didn’t want to go that route. I wanted a unique, pin-up style outfit that would be my own… but inspired by probably my favorite villain to ever grace the small screen. I have ended up going through two different Jackets at this point, the one I am wearing in these photos is from Addams. I think I will stay with this Jacket for the time being but there is always new items being released so I keep an eye out for anything that would be slightly better.

Instead of the signature red scarf, as I was worried about mesh and texture clipping and other issues for photos and just general wear. I opted for an ombre styled hair from Magika where I could bring in that signature blood red tone into the outfit in a subtle yet logical way. I really love this hair. It’s called “Unknown” and it has become one of my favorite hairs to wear just in general. It calls me back to my slightly Emo high school years LOL.

I am unsure if I am going to stay with these particular shorts from Blueberry or if I am going to seak out something a little bit more grungy. I tried the look previously with a pair of jeans (also from Blueberry) but I wasn’t satisfied with the overall feel of the outfit. I am in serious debate if I am going to go for a skirt, and perhaps…if I can find them… some garter and socks with some blood splatter on them for the final look.


Shoes and other accessories have been a bit of a challenge so far. Make-up as well. I am in desperate search of some really lovely combat boots that are made for women. Sadly I have yet to find anything that feel quite right. I am even more upset because last month’s Bish Box had the perfect boots/socks combo but I do not feel ok spending 3k L$ on a whole box… just for a pair of boots. I really really hope that the designer will be releasing them on their own at some point.

The last part of the puzzle that I haven’t really started on too much is the actual set and backdrop for the photos I am planning. I grabbed the poses I wanted to use when i came across them but I am still in search of the actual set. I am sure that will be that last thing I find, because it always is.

These photos are by no means the final ones for the Negan look. It still has a long way to go, but I am looking forward to the adventure of finding all the pieces to the puzzle!

Please keep checking back for updates on my Negan costume.

Also check out my Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/153867249@N08/?

I am trying to upload photos regularly. I don’t always post all my photos to my blogs, so if you enjoy my style and photography please make sure to follow me there as well!