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{out and about}


See guys… I said I was gonna try to get out a bit and I did. Now I did just go window shop a bit and check out a few gacha yard sales. I did venture to the Portal Hub… it was really pretty and I kept trying to get the damn floor to rez for a photo but I gave up up just took this because it was a nice enough photo. I hopped around to a few clubs, even spoke in local chat! OMG I know right?! And I reached out to an acquaintance that I would like to become a friend. All in all I was pretty happy about my ventures into trying to be social.

I also found it funny when I was getting dressed today that I went towards more goth than I had been in the last few days. I swear I must be the only person who goes goth when they are trying to cheer themselves up!


So these aren’t new pieces by any means. One… my cash flow is tight trying to buy things I need to hopefully get my studio up and going at some point in the next few months. It’s a long and expensive process now that I am really breaking things down and looking at things. It’s still something I want to do but I am having to adjust my timeline so to speak. The jeans are my favorite pair, Blueberry. The top is from DRBC another favorite of mine. Both are things that I would 100% wear in RL as well.


The Skin is from Pumec and is from the July Powder pack, as is the lip gloss and blush I am wearing (for the life of me I can’t remember who made it now). The eye shadow is one of my favorite from Suicidal Unborn, as are the piercing… they are from the Somber event btw and are a GREAT bento piercing set because it comes with a lot of great options to really customize your piercings. I am one of those people that are pretty brand loyal when it comes to things like make up and Suicidal Unborn is becoming one of my favorite brands in short order for sure. The quality of their appliers they put out really is some of the best “gothic” make up on grid.

Like always… my tattoos are from Dappa and are from the May Bish Box.  My Mesh ears are from Mandala, they are where I get most of my ears both human and elf. I have been super loyal to them for the better part of my SL life. I used to be obsessed with their ring & nail sets.

Tomorrow I am probably gonna show you guys a little bit of what I have been doing around my land including getting my newest house decorated and my new sky platform for my photography work. Fun times!

My Second Life · random stuff · {the life of jane}

{the life of jane}


In an attempt to try and step up my blogging game… and just my photography game in general I have just been going through my inventory (which really is an ongoing process to try and keep it some what cleaned up *sigh*) and just putting together little sets, little outfits and just playing around with lighting, poses I forgot I had (isn’t that scary lol). The pictures ended up turning out quite nice for the most part.

I am calling them {the life of jane} because to me they look like little snapshots out of someone’s life.

This whole set came about because I totally forgot I got these awesome Seriacha panties from Wonderlost a while back and wanted to actually use them some how, they aren’t up on marketplace so you have to go the Wonderlost in world store to find them. So I paired it with this slouchy sweatshirt from DRBC ( which is one of my favorites. It made this super chill, late night hanging at home vibe.

Which I knew would work great with this pose set from MILA that I had just snagged. ( I tossed out one of my RAMA sets from a Gacha from I think last month’s Gacha Guardians event, it’s called Wedding Apartment. I added a cute little cuddle couch that I picked up from last weeks FLF. It’s not the most complex set in the world but I thought it was pretty enough.


I kept my make up simple, just some Zombie Suicide eye shadow and these beautiful lip glosses from Warpaint that I just am in love with. My skin is from Glam Affair, it’s a gacha item I picked up on the market place. The tattoos are obviously my very favorite thing from the May Bish Box, they are from Dappa. My hair again is a stand by of mine from Doe.


The second set and look I did was a little lighter. I used the same Rama set, but I tossed out some of my bedroom furniture. The dresser is by Atomic and is from the Into the Woods set. The Bed is from Pillows I believe. I also snagged that awesome pink troll, calling my straight back to my childhood, from Plastik by playing a gacha at their main store.

The outfit is a really simple and pretty comfortable look. The top is from the Hippie and High outfit from B.D.R and I chose to go with out the selves. Again… my favorite Blueberry leggings and my favorite necklace from Plastik finish off the look. I kept the make up the same and swapped out the Doe hair for on from Magika called Meadow.

I was so pleased with how this picture came out. I wish I had thought to take some different photos in this light because it really is very pretty.


The last one I have to show you guys is this beauty. I really like this picture a lot. It’s simple yet not and there is just something about how the lighting makes her look that just make me happy.

The dress is an old stand by of mine from R3volt. The hair, make up and skin are all the same. I switched the tattoos but for the life of me I can’t remember who they are by. I have some out takes (I guess you can call them) from this set that I will post probably later today or tomorrow with full outfit break downs for you guys.

Theses were just my favorites of the bunch. I am going to actually start posting some of my less favorites as well just to show how my work is progressing and they are good too… just not my favorites lol

I hope you enjoyed this little random post. I am trying to make going through my inventory fun again… not that it ever really was but I can lie to myself right?

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Not so easy Sunday Morning,


I am not one to try and complain about RL… but the last few days I have been kinda miserable feeling. The phrase “Why are you trying to kill me uterus?” has come out of my mouth about once an hour… if you catch my drift. So energy levels are in the toilet and all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch ‘My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and cry about how Greg left the show. (No lie guy… this was my friday night plans)

I knew wanted to do something in SL though, so I set about setting up a little bedroom/studio apartment. I didn’t have a ton of stuff to decorate with surprisingly enough. I have lots of clothes and too much hair… but decor I was lacking.

I was going to do a whole shopping adventures about this but I ran into the problem of furniture is still really expensive and I didn’t have a ton of L$ to work with for this. I discovered though you could find some really awesome pieces on gacha yard sales on the market place. I set a limit of a max 150 L$ per item and set about the task of decorating my space.

I am still in the process of actually decorating. It is pretty time consuming and I am way out of practice but I am really enjoying. I first started with a little chill corner. Most of the items are either from the Mary Jane set from Bad Unicorn and Birch or the Goa Party set and I am not 100% sure it’s by atm. I really loved the detail on these object and you know the beauty of SL is pretty everything goes lol.

I did have that cute little pillow pile in my inventory already ( and I snagged that Baker Street sign from Junk because I LOVE Sherlock and I really wanted some kind of Baker Street sign for my space.

I am still in the process of decorating so maybe this will be a part of series about my space? I am hoping to get some more the “Sleeping” space done tonight so who knows maybe tomorrow I will do a post about that.

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This is how we roll…


I think one thing that everyone needs to understand is I am painfully dorky. It’s ok, I am well aware of it so don’t worry…. Also I usually am involved a dozen different things at once. It’s just my style… it’s how I roll. It’s also how my group of SL friends/family roll as well. We always have a bunch of things going on at once. There is a reason our shop/headquarters is called Curio Creative, because we have a lot of different services to offer in SL.

Recently we got into the Fawns breeding realm. Ok… less crazy breeders more small time people who think these little fawnies are the cutest breedable pets ever to hit SL! I mean… come on… how could you say no to a sweet face like that. Plus they are also wearable pets which is awesome as I usually like to travel with some critter. The thing I love the most about the Fawns though is the fact they DO NOT need food  to breed. Yes does their “food” help them breed faster but unlike the Ozimals that I used to breed years ago they don’t need food. Which honestly makes me over the moon. Because bunny food got expensive.

I am not a huge breedables person, I once was in the depths of bunny hell but I always was way too busy with other things. I also think if you get into breedables only as source of SL income that is just a poor idea. Breeding in SL is one of those things that can get way out of hand really fast. Something that that starts with one or two nests suddenly turns into an over flow of bunnies, meroos and fawns. I think that is why I am super proud of myself I only picked a hand full of nests for a pretty good deal and I shall see what pops up. That’s the fun for me. Seeing what my pretty little fawn babies make.


I don’t expect myself to become a crazy fawn lady, but I am happy to have something new to entertain myself with in SL. In my humble opinion that is where the true fun of breedables lay. So if you are a fellow fawn breeder keep an eye out for me at some of the fawn auctions and such coming up over the next few weeks.

My Fawn’s Names:






McCreedy – Still a Nest

If you get where a good chunk of my names come from then we can be friends.

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Under Construction


There are a lot of challenging things about coming back to SL after so long. I wouldn’t think it would be so much of an adjustment for me. There is a huge part of me that still starts to type stores into the search that I know aren’t there any more. I expect to see people online that I know don’t get on SL any more. Even clubs are nothing like they used to be.

I used to be quite the little club hopper but now I am defiantly becoming a homebody in SL. I love the home that I share with my best friends/sisters in SL. Now we are expanding to some commercial land. It’s going to be a multipurpose type of space with different things on different parts of the parcel. Like all the things we do in SL though it has to be done well.

Right now we are really focusing on getting a little shop area set up, one for my friend Shai’s items and two for the little photography business we are looking to start. It’s a way to earn some L$, which is always helpful, and me personally I love taking pictures. I have met some people with some really amazing Avatars in the last few weeks thanks to the upgrade of technology in SL and they are so different from my personal style that my curiosity is peaked about how I could photograph them.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my avatar… and I enjoy taking pictures of her but sometimes my subject matter staying the same doesn’t force me to improve my skills and things like that. Heck I dug through my inventory and huds yesterday to try and change up my style.. tried some pink to push my comfort zone a little but and I liked the outfit in the end but had trouble with my lighting and editing a little bit though. I still decided to share them photos I worked on even though I am not 100% happy with them because I want to see my progress over time you know! It has been a lot of years since I spent any time practicing my photography in SL and I defiantly feel a little rusty at times.

So while our little commercial land is under construction so am I in some ways.

also because these things were about the cutest breedables I have ever seen… check me out with my Shai’s new lil fawn “Goldie Fawn” – because we are dorks.


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When the “Out Takes” Come Out Awesome


Today is an insane type of day for me in RL, my little guy has a pretty important doctor’s appointment this afternoon. So the normal amount of time I would have to devote to my  blog post is kinda limited this morning. While I have a good chunk of my inventory post done, I just don’t have enough time to prof and all that nonsense before I gotta run. So with any luck I will have that inventory post up late tonight. But I am trying to make sure I get something up for you guys each morning!… well morning for me here on the East Coast of the US. HA

Yesterday I spent the majority of the few hours I had to be in SL, trying to get pictures of all my Gacha stuff. I have an ok laptop to run SL, it does pretty good on medium/low settings to run around what not. Very little lag, the second I bump my graphics up to ultra and start messing with the setting to get the best picture I can… boy oh boy does this laptop remind me it is not a high performance gaming laptop! But I still manage to get good pictures.

The one thing that ends up being a bit of an issue at times is sometimes when I click the snapshot and take a picture things lag out and I don’t get quite the shot I was looking for. Sometimes I will just refresh and try again, sometimes though the photos still come out stunning but not quite what I am looking for. That’s when I save them anyways and refer to them as “Out Takes” because to me that’s what they are.

Out Takes are fun for me personally because I can put aside the style that I was originally doing the photos in, like yesterday just showcasing my gacha items, and have some fun. These Out Takes ended up coming out looking really beautiful and almost like something you might see from a high end RL Victoria’s Secret type of add. It is defiantly in part to the high quality texturing of the Sabine top from The Forge, I had never heard of this brand before and figured the Gacha was a low risk way to try some of their stuff. I was not disappointed either, while I am not huge fan of the color I got from the Gacha (I am not a peach person in RL or SL really) the overall quality of the texture and fit for my particular body was amazing. I didn’t have to Alpha anything out on my body hud, which since switching to the mesh body is now something I really look for with clothes. But I will go into a full review when I post my Gacha Haul post (more than likely over the weekend).


Outfit Credits

  • Maitreya Lara Mesh Body – (Shape – custom made by me)
  • Hair – Magika – Meadow – 03
  • Skin – Essences – Illamasqua – Pale 02
  • Top – The Forge – Sabine Peach Top – Gacha Guardians April 2017 (
  • Tattoos – Letis Tattoo – Inermis Sleeve Color