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{Where Dreams Live}


Well I know I have been quite, for a long time. Some RL things happened… I will talk about them in another post because it is far to heavy for this post… this post is about seeing my long standing dreams become reality.


This right here is the start of my project. Still unnamed but a project nonetheless. My idea with this is to create a fun space to house a few little startup businesses that I have been plotting for some timed.

First, we have a live music/dj event space in the “Park” area. This goes all the way back to my first time in SL years ago when I was DJ and Club Manager/Owner. I love music and I miss having some place I can go to hear some great music. SO I thought I would build one LOL. I am not sure when or how many events I will be having here, but I like how the space is shaping up. Obviously it’s far from finished (hence the long shots) but you can kinda get an idea of what I have planned.


Next, we have my Gacha resale area. I will be renting a few spots but three out of the four “shacks” are already spoken for. But I thought these “Shotgun Shacks” by Trompe Lolei were perfect for the repurposed campground theme that I have in mind. This area isn’t completed let either but the basic structures are in place…


Here is another shot of the stage area…. it’s from the DRD garden party Gacha set. If you were curious. In the back you can kinda see the two other structures on the land. My brick and mortar store for LGD and the offices of the photo studio have been dreaming of for quite a while now.

There are few other things, some on this parcel… some on my sister’s land… that I am working on and am I super excited about.  Building a business is what makes me excited in SL.

For all my years on the grid and off, the one thing that brings back is the strong Entrepreneurial spirit that runs through SL. There is an accessibility to starting a business in SL that so many of us don’t have in RL. So this leads me to my final little thing I want to talk to your about.


Support Your Local Girl Gang

“The Local Girl Gang” Is concept that my sister Desi and I have had for a few years now. It’s a place for women, and female identifying people (we are 100% trans and nonbinary inclusive), can gather and come together to foster a creative, positive and inclusive ideas. We have ideas that range from shopping events that highlight majority female owned business to Game nights where we just hang out and have fun. I am still working on the back end of things to set this up but I am so stinking excited about this whole project! I can’t wait to share more and hopefully see some of you join!

F.I.O.F.O · Hair Hair EVERYWHERE! · Second Life Fashion

{thrashing & adorable}


Oh have I expressed how much I love skateboarding lately? But the key is looking super cute while thrashing up a storm. The key to round out any good outfit really (in my humble opinion) is a good hair.

I am rocking this awesome NEW hair from F.I.O.F.O called “Haley” which you can go snag in a bunch of awesome colors at their main store location in world! One of my favorite things about this hair may be completely personal.. but it looks a lot like a hair I modded into my Fallout 4 game last year (which was my favorite mod) so when I saw it I got soooo excited.

It is a great casual, easy going hair!



Full Outfit/Photo information.

Backdrop – BadUnicorn

Hair – F.I.O.F.O fashions – Haley

Skin – Pumec – Lilith – January

Eyes – Elderberry – Rainbow

Lips – Izzies – Reds – FLF item

Eyeshadow – Adored – Teenage Dirtbag – Powder Pack

Piercing – Sucidal Unborn

Tattoos – Speakeasy – Girl Boss

Top – Pretty Mess – Black Crops – FLF

Jeans – Blueberry – DWL Fadded

Pose – Everglow – Skateboard 2- pose #8

Powder Pack

{powder pack} august


in an effort to feel a little more like my normal self I thought I would do a little blogging about this month’s powder pack. This is my second powder pack, last month’s I liked but I was a little frustrated about blogging it so I never finished the blog o.O. Oh well.

Any who this month was a fairly make-up heavy month compared to last month’s fairly skin heavy offering. There were two skins. One from Amara beauty which I am wearing…. and fell in love with. I even went wit the shade number 3 vs a number 2 which I generally wear beccause the tanner skin really looked beautiful and was a nice summer skin.


The make up offerings were ones that I generally would have not picked up in the store but for the most part liked. I did how ever use freckles that I have for a long time and while I don’t know the name of off the top of my head, I will add in a future post. All the make up can be found in August 2017’s Powder Pack.


Overall I will probably get a lot of use out of these appliers and it as a very solid month for Powder Pack!

A solid A from me 😀

{the life of jane}

{tears come and go}


The shear amount of crying I have done in the last two weeks is bordering on insanity. Have you ever cried so hard your head hurts? yeah… that was how I felt for the first week straight. I have ugly cried… seriously ugly cried and I may have even pretty cried once or twice. That’s what happens I guess when you lose a parent. A lot of tears. I good friend of mine in RL told me something that really has helped me through the last two weeks.

I asked her one of the first nights after my mom passed “Why does it hurt so much?” I was a wreck, my emotions were all over the place and I was just letting them come out unchecked. It was maybe after midnight… maybe later… when I texted this.

I got the most meaningful text I ever got back “Because that is just how much she loved you”. Oh that’s what I needed to hear ya know. I think one thing about losing a parent suddenly that is so hard for many people to handle is not saying your goodbyes. Saying I love you one more time and doubting if your loved one knew how much you loved him. *or at least this is how I feel*

In this photo my aim was to try and show the depths of my sadness. It’s never really gonna go away. When I lost my RL dad it was tough, but we weren’t close. When i lost my mom it felt like I lost half my soul. This is a pain that will last forever. I have went to call her a thousand times, sitting with my cell phone in my hand. Her contact picture up on my screen, my thumb hovering over the “call” button. I have to remind myself that she is gone. That soon someone else will have that phone number. So I lock my phone and set it down and walk away.

It’s like the loss of my mother is felt throughout my RL and SL. When I came back I was so sick of looking at the house my avatar sat in the moment I learned the news I tore down my whole sim and started new. I have clung to my amazing SL parents Sasha and Red for support and love and damn am I so blessed to have been picked to be these two amazing people’s kid in SL.

I am doing my best to keep busy. Be it practicing sim desgin or just massing my ever growing pose collection for the studio I hope to open. SL has been a great mind distraction this last week since I have been back home. It’s nice. I am grateful  for all my friends both in RL and SL for their love and support during this really crappy time in my life.

Hair – Spellbound

Necklace & Jacket/top – Pixicat

Tattoos – Dappa

Make up _ Arise

{the life of jane}

{life sucks}


There are rights of passage in life that no one wants to go through but everyone must at some point. The loss of a parent is one of those rights. Two weeks ago I lost my mom in RL. Which explains my absence from both the grid and the blogging world. My heart has been heavy and my life has been chaos.

I don’t even know how to begin to process all the emotions. One of them being anger. Not at my mom but at the whole damn situation. So I guess that is reflecting in my recent style choices since returning to SL. My angry inner goth girl has really come back out in full force.

Back is the Black, Grey, Purple, Blue color plate that I had been trying to work so hard to expand. Back in the dark, snarky shirts and dresses straight from a Tim Burton fantasy. I don’t know how long I will be back expressing myself like this but it is helping my cope right now.


I got really lucky when I saw these FoxCity poses called “cute but physco” and thought they would be a great way to express some of my angst right now. Paired with this really cute sweater from Epoch expressing my profound love of cats and a pair of blueberry capris (because even in goth mode one must wear blueberry jeans). The hair is from Exile and was at Collabor 88 and is beautiful! Exile never fails to please with their hairs! I really like their wild fusion collection for colors. I am huge fan of colored hair in SL (probably because I can’t maintain it in RL) and their textures are some of the most beautiful on the grid.

I am going to be moving forward with my studio, I need something to motivate me to continue to push forward in SL because it really has been helping me have a nice creative outlet for my grief.

My Second Life · {the life of jane}

{where to start?}

Hair – magika, dress – miss Chelsea 

It took me over 45 mins to get fully dressed and figure out what the hell to wear last night. My inventory is like a dust covered vipers’ nest, that is covering pandora’s box. I have not a clue in the freaking world on where to start with this mess, it needs done. It always needs done. I think it’s like cleaning in SL.

Hear me out. Cleaning in RL is something that a lot of people find to be a task. In it’s nature it is a chore. Many of us got paid to do things like take out the trash or clean the litter box as kids. I don’t mind some tasks of cleaning. I can wash floors, clean counters, even scrub my bathroom all day but I hate dishes. LOVE to cook… hate dishes. I will skirt around doing dishes as much as possible… but once a day I gotta suck it up and stand and wash dishes for an hour. I think organizing my inventory is like doing dishes.

It’s something that I will avoid until it is absolutely necessary. Well guys… it’s necessary now. With wanting to work towards opening my own photostudio I need to get my house in order. If I spent that long just trying to get dressed I really need to take a look at just how long it would take me to find poses or backdrops. It would take me much longer than it really should.

jacket/top – pixie cat, leggings – blueberry, hair – tentra (flf)

So now I get to start the task of making some sort of sense from my inventory. It’s gonna not be fun. I am probably going to try and quit half way through (again) but damn it I gotta do it. I am trying to make a deal with myself about the inventory mess, if I can get it all done by sunday then I get to watch GoT… live and child free (thanks to my awesome RL hubby). This does not sound like a great motivator for most but for me…. who honestly stays up till after midnight ever sunday just to be able to watch GoT with out having to pause it 50 times… it is the best motivator I can think of.

I really hope that I don’t keep putting it off, because that tiny little voice in my head says “No one sees your inventory but you… so why clean it?” which in my brain is like a totally valid reason to NEVER organize my inventory, but then I remember trying to find the jacket I wanted to wear in the photo above. If I could have remembered the name, or even who made it… I could have found the jacket (from Pixie Cat btw) in probably 90 second but no, it took me a full 10 mins to search through my folders trying to find where this was.

So I am not too sure what is going to be up on my blog in the next few days. I may post about what I am finding in my inventory… or how I am so avoiding doing it <.< (which seems far more likely). Either way, wish me luck on this insane project I have. Hopefully I don’t rage quit half way through…again.



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{out and about}


See guys… I said I was gonna try to get out a bit and I did. Now I did just go window shop a bit and check out a few gacha yard sales. I did venture to the Portal Hub… it was really pretty and I kept trying to get the damn floor to rez for a photo but I gave up up just took this because it was a nice enough photo. I hopped around to a few clubs, even spoke in local chat! OMG I know right?! And I reached out to an acquaintance that I would like to become a friend. All in all I was pretty happy about my ventures into trying to be social.

I also found it funny when I was getting dressed today that I went towards more goth than I had been in the last few days. I swear I must be the only person who goes goth when they are trying to cheer themselves up!


So these aren’t new pieces by any means. One… my cash flow is tight trying to buy things I need to hopefully get my studio up and going at some point in the next few months. It’s a long and expensive process now that I am really breaking things down and looking at things. It’s still something I want to do but I am having to adjust my timeline so to speak. The jeans are my favorite pair, Blueberry. The top is from DRBC another favorite of mine. Both are things that I would 100% wear in RL as well.


The Skin is from Pumec and is from the July Powder pack, as is the lip gloss and blush I am wearing (for the life of me I can’t remember who made it now). The eye shadow is one of my favorite from Suicidal Unborn, as are the piercing… they are from the Somber event btw and are a GREAT bento piercing set because it comes with a lot of great options to really customize your piercings. I am one of those people that are pretty brand loyal when it comes to things like make up and Suicidal Unborn is becoming one of my favorite brands in short order for sure. The quality of their appliers they put out really is some of the best “gothic” make up on grid.

Like always… my tattoos are from Dappa and are from the May Bish Box.  My Mesh ears are from Mandala, they are where I get most of my ears both human and elf. I have been super loyal to them for the better part of my SL life. I used to be obsessed with their ring & nail sets.

Tomorrow I am probably gonna show you guys a little bit of what I have been doing around my land including getting my newest house decorated and my new sky platform for my photography work. Fun times!