Powder Pack

{powder pack} august


in an effort to feel a little more like my normal self I thought I would do a little blogging about this month’s powder pack. This is my second powder pack, last month’s I liked but I was a little frustrated about blogging it so I never finished the blog o.O. Oh well.

Any who this month was a fairly make-up heavy month compared to last month’s fairly skin heavy offering. There were two skins. One from Amara beauty which I am wearing…. and fell in love with. I even went wit the shade number 3 vs a number 2 which I generally wear beccause the tanner skin really looked beautiful and was a nice summer skin.


The make up offerings were ones that I generally would have not picked up in the store but for the most part liked. I did how ever use freckles that I have for a long time and while I don’t know the name of off the top of my head, I will add in a future post. All the make up can be found in August 2017’s Powder Pack.


Overall I will probably get a lot of use out of these appliers and it as a very solid month for Powder Pack!

A solid A from me 😀


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