{the life of jane}

{life sucks}


There are rights of passage in life that no one wants to go through but everyone must at some point. The loss of a parent is one of those rights. Two weeks ago I lost my mom in RL. Which explains my absence from both the grid and the blogging world. My heart has been heavy and my life has been chaos.

I don’t even know how to begin to process all the emotions. One of them being anger. Not at my mom but at the whole damn situation. So I guess that is reflecting in my recent style choices since returning to SL. My angry inner goth girl has really come back out in full force.

Back is the Black, Grey, Purple, Blue color plate that I had been trying to work so hard to expand. Back in the dark, snarky shirts and dresses straight from a Tim Burton fantasy. I don’t know how long I will be back expressing myself like this but it is helping my cope right now.


I got really lucky when I saw these FoxCity poses called “cute but physco” and thought they would be a great way to express some of my angst right now. Paired with this really cute sweater from Epoch expressing my profound love of cats and a pair of blueberry capris (because even in goth mode one must wear blueberry jeans). The hair is from Exile and was at Collabor 88 and is beautiful! Exile never fails to please with their hairs! I really like their wild fusion collection for colors. I am huge fan of colored hair in SL (probably because I can’t maintain it in RL) and their textures are some of the most beautiful on the grid.

I am going to be moving forward with my studio, I need something to motivate me to continue to push forward in SL because it really has been helping me have a nice creative outlet for my grief.


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