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Not so easy Sunday Morning,


I am not one to try and complain about RL… but the last few days I have been kinda miserable feeling. The phrase “Why are you trying to kill me uterus?” has come out of my mouth about once an hour… if you catch my drift. So energy levels are in the toilet and all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch ‘My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and cry about how Greg left the show. (No lie guy… this was my friday night plans)

I knew wanted to do something in SL though, so I set about setting up a little bedroom/studio apartment. I didn’t have a ton of stuff to decorate with surprisingly enough. I have lots of clothes and too much hair… but decor I was lacking.

I was going to do a whole shopping adventures about this but I ran into the problem of furniture is still really expensive and I didn’t have a ton of L$ to work with for this. I discovered though you could find some really awesome pieces on gacha yard sales on the market place. I set a limit of a max 150 L$ per item and set about the task of decorating my space.

I am still in the process of actually decorating. It is pretty time consuming and I am way out of practice but I am really enjoying. I first started with a little chill corner. Most of the items are either from the Mary Jane set from Bad Unicorn and Birch or the Goa Party set and I am not 100% sure it’s by atm. I really loved the detail on these object and you know the beauty of SL is pretty everything goes lol.

I did have that cute little pillow pile in my inventory already ( and I snagged that Baker Street sign from Junk because I LOVE Sherlock and I really wanted some kind of Baker Street sign for my space.

I am still in the process of decorating so maybe this will be a part of series about my space? I am hoping to get some more the “Sleeping” space done tonight so who knows maybe tomorrow I will do a post about that.


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