Fifty Linden Friday Finds!

Fifty Linden Friday! – May 26th 2017 (part 1)


Okies guys… I normally have been trying to do my 50 L$ Friday hauls on Friday but tonight I am just not feeling that hot. I should feel better in the morning but I was exhausted just trying to get the two pictures I got done today and going to all the shops. I really feel bad because I really try not to post too far after an event but you know… life happens and you can’t help it sometimes.

I did actually get quite a bit that I liked. They had some great hair and some cute shoes. Including the hair and shoes I am wearing the photo above as well as the really awesome beach towel that I am laying on as well.

I really have to say they had some pretty different stuff at this FLF so I was really please to see some new cool stuff even if I didn’t end up getting it.

I will get a full post will all details on what I am wearing tomorrow. I hope you all understand.


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