Fifty Linden Friday Finds!

Fifty Linden Friday 5/26/17 – part 2


So after a good night’s sleep I am feeling much better and lets knock this week’s FLF post out, shall we?

This week was a pretty hair heavy week, in my opinion. Which I am fine with. I am a bit of a hair addict in SL and also a bit of a hair snob as well. I like what I like when it comes to hair but I took a leap and was happily surprised this week.

Now lets start with the Clawtooth hair, I have been a huge Clawtooth fan going all the way back to my original avy. If you have been in SL any length of time and still aren’t aware of Clawtooth you need to go check them out. They are one of the few stores in SL that really get wavy hair right for me. This hair is called Magnolia and the brunette pack was the 50L$ item yesterday. It comes with 15 different tones. It’s a very cute summer, beach hair to me and I will more than likely use it again through out the summer.


Up next we have a hair from a store I personally hadn’t heard of before called Blues and the hair is called Kamille. I got the darker of the two packs that the creator offered for FLF. I have never been a big hair fan, this stems I think from me in RL having very poofy hair, so I really took a chance here. I gotta get out of my style comfort zone a little bit. Well thankfully I was pleasantly surprised and really liked this hair. It kinda took me back to my Jersey Shore watching days if I am 100% honest but you know what… that is actually a good thing.

Yes I do know my ears are kinda funky… let me just tell you why quickly. I just got these ears from Swallow a few days ago. I really wanted a pair of normal human ears with gages. Well while these are super well made, really beautiful with detail and everything…. I can’t for the life of me get them to match my Glam Affair skins because for some reason they have to be full bright (ick). Now this is the first thing I have ever gotten from these guys and I am a little sad if I am quite honest that they are a real pain to skin match. I am gonna play around more… but I am not sure if I will be getting my ears from there in the future.

I want to quickly talk about the dress I am wearing as well! It is also a FLF find, from Pixicat which is one of the first stores I actually visited upon my return to SL, thanks to a kind tip from my dear friend Jenn. Again this is something I am not sure I would have normally picked up. It’s very going to the country club to play some tennis and dink some mimosas at 10am. But, it is very well done, nicely textured and just a fun little outfit if you are maybe having some kind of garden party this summer. It also doesn’t have panties with it… so applier panties needed ladies!


The last hair I want to chat about from FLF is this cute little do from Lock&Tuft. Now I really want to point something out about Lock&Tuft before I go much further. They actually had a MALE hair for FLF in addition to the female hair. THIS IS AWESOME! I feel like sometimes the guys are really left out these fashion events and fashion in general in SL. I know there are plenty of guys out there that enjoy shopping in SL and I would really love to see more male items included in FLF in the future because this is just nice to see!

The hair it’s self is a very cute little half up do. I actually wear my hair like this in RL quite often. I really happy to see that this was offered in a full fatpack for 50L$! They have some beautiful mermaid and unicorn tones and just a nice variety of color options in three different huds. I think I will be going back to Lock&Tuft in the future to see what else they have!

I did get a few other things but again, while I am feeling better I am not 100%. I wanted to make sure I got at least some of what I picked up this week at FLF blogged for you guys!

I am going to try and get a Shopping Adventures Post done over the weekend if I am feeling better. So please subscribe to the blog for all the latest updates on new posts!


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