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Playing around with Bish Box!

Finally getting around to do some proper pictures modeling some of the items from Bish Box. This was a lot more fun and a lot less of a task than the actual unboxing post! Sorry but I love just putting together little looks and playing with poses. *giggles* what can I say… I love taking lots of photos!

In the first set I was wearing the Razor jump suit, doe hair (with the wire cat ear headband), the cat make up from Identity, and the tattoos from Dappa. I played with the hud a little bit on the jump suit to get the white under layer to go away. I like it both ways. The undershirt is a little more modest and with the right pair of leggings and shoes could almost work as cute going out outfit. But once you take that away it really changes the dynamic of the whole outfit. And still super cute!

The second outfit was fairly close to the same (because when I did this on a Sunday and I am lazy a bit). I changed out the jump suit to the SYS cute little number in blue to lighten the color tones up a little bit. I really like the bottom picture out of these three because it has this very “kitteh goes meow”.

The two items that were my least favorite in the unboxing ended up making the outfit for some of my favorite photos from today. I like dark makeup, I have a LOT of dark make up. The eyeshadow is from Suicidal Unborn and I had it already. The Nani hair looks so much better with out the materials… and after a little bit of time I got it work with one of my hairbases. I am still very admit this hair NEEDS a hair base. The I ❤ Fashion catsuit looked much better with some different lighting. It still isn’t my favorite but it totally worked with this set up!

I am going to play around with the Come Soon set in the coming days. If I get anything interesting out of them I will toss them up on my flickr in the Bish Box May 2017 Album!

Please make sure to check my flickr out for more fun photos on my adventures in SL!


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