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Bish Box – May 2017


Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many future “Box” blogs. Let me just tell you how this is going to work for my unboxing blog. It may not be the best styled, I am really just trying on a bunch of stuff on and giving you my honest first impressions… in the days after a release like Bish Box, Cutie Loot or Lux Box that I end up getting… I am going to do a finished photo series. The Photo series will be using the items from the boxes and if I need to use items from my existing inventory I will but mainly it will be items from the box. This won’t be the case for Powder Pack or Decocrate but I will figure out what I will do for those when I get around to them… but on to this month’s BISH BOX!

This month’s Bish Box was my first box, I was going to get Powder Pack but I changed my mind last minute when I saw the theme for the May box… Bad Kitty. I love cats and I can’t have them in RL any more (my son is allergic) so I must have all the kittehs in SL… and years ago on a different avy I was a Neko so yeah… Bad Kitty won out here. LOL

Ok so quickly how Bish Box works. You pay 1500 L$ before the NOON SLT on the 20th of each month to subscribe to the box. I went to their headquarters. I found it simply by putting “Bish Box” into the search.  If you want the box after the release you can still get it but it will cost you 3000 L$ which when you break down the cost of each item in the box is still a really good deal. If you read my blog regularly you know this chick loves a good deal.

So on the 20th at Noon SLT if you have paid for that month’s Bish Box you will get the HUD in your OBJECTS folder. When you put the HUD on it will look something like this.


You can unpack the box in two ways…. you can click each designer one at a time and be given a box or hud to unpack each item. Or you can click the unpack all button and again get all the items in boxes in your inventory. I knew a few of the designers this round, but not all of them so this is a bit of an adventure for me.


So I went with some things I knew were probably going to safe first. The Doe hair called “Sue” which is a Bish Box Exclusive was great as always. I love Doe for hair, they have some of the best colored hair out there and you get a full fatpack of Doe hair in this box. I usually wear the “Candy” colors from Doe so that’s is what I am wearing in this photo.

The next thing I tried on was the tattoos from Dappa, which is a new brand to me but I love tattoos, and they were great! A full body set which I don’t have many of. The tattoos could be considered “busy” by some but I really like tattoos like this because just like in RL it looks like they have been accumulated over time. They come with a variety of appliers but I had to use my Omega relay of my Matrieya body as they do not have Matrieya appliers. They come in Fresh and Fadded which I am wearing in the photo above. I love all the details on these tattoos and being a slightly crazy cat lady in SL I will likely be getting a lot of use out of these particular tattoos.

Then I unboxed the Emoji Cat Jumpsuit from Razor, I instantly fell in love with this little jumpsuit which I will more than likely wear as a bathing suit. Razor always has great HUDs with tons of options that I have still have to play around with because I am not 100% sure that white part has to be there. But… the butt on this jumpsuit is freaking adorable.


I mean… come on…. How cute is that butt?!?!?! When my son was an infant I always got him the little onesies with stuff like this on the bum because I thought it was the cutest thing and I just love love LOVE that this jumpsuit has that same cute little feature!


Next up was these super cute shoes from Pure Poison, another brand I didn’t have any first hand knowledge of. These shoes stole my heart with their cuteness. Is this Cutie Loot or Bish Box?!? Because cute is the only way I can describe these shoes. I am not 100% sure how much use I will get out of these shoes but I may just wear them just because they are so cute.


Up next I check out these crazy kitty claws from Yummy. I have yet to get rings for my hands as the Bento hands are still pretty new. SO I was so happy that I didn’t have to sit there for hours and do like the old days when you had to fit each ring to each finger. Now these are necessarily something I would wear often, I will probably wear them on occasion but mostly for photos. They are well done regardless… just not my particular style.


Then comes Astralia’s claws. Far simpler as far as desgin goes but they look way more like the classic Catwoman type claws that you would often seen used for the diffrent versions of Catwoman through the Batman movies. SO I may actually end up using these for a future cosplay outfit. They are only for Matreiya hands just and FYI.

Then I opened up the hair from Nani. I have never shopped there before and while I liked the fact the hair came with lots of options but this isn’t the type of hair I would normally buy. I just wasn’t a fan of the way it looks. I tried on the materials version so I can’t say for sure that wasn’t the reason it looked so meh *even though I had materials on*. It reminds me so much of old school prim hair and I have just moved beyond that look. I always was not a fan of having to wear a hair base that had some sort of bangs to make it look right. The colors of the hair didn’t really match my hair base and I spent far too much time trying to make it look halfway decent but didn’t end up with a look I liked. I am going to play around with the hair some more but I don’t know if Nani has won me over with this offering. I will have to maybe go to their store and see what else they have before I make a final opinion on them.


After that disappointment I need a win of sorts so I went straight to what I was honestly looking forward to the most out of all the items in the box. The photo set and poses from Come Soon. They have some great sets that are always fun and unique so I knew I was gonna love it. It is kinda an ally cat/Catwoman type feel to the set. It had the cutest cats scattered around the set and even this fantastic pose where you interact with the cat… while pearched on a car… but I totaly thought the sweet moment with the cat was so close up worthy. I will be using this set for at least a few of the photos in my photo series for Bish Box. I am not sure how many because a few of them require a male avatar. I do have one of those… he is just not updated to mesh… yet. But we still have a few more things left!


Up next another new store that was not a disapointment. Chic Moda… they offered this adorable skirt that has three lepord print tones and three sparkly tones. I tossed on a top I had from R3Volt to cover my top half because there was a distict lack of tops this round. Which I found really odd but oh well. This skirt is super cute and not something that I would have normally picked up in th store. I am really anxious to go over to Chic Moda and see what else they have to offer. This was a total win for me.


Unfortunately when I relogged between unboxing trying on outfits, I had to turn my graphics down due to insane amounts of lag. I have asked a lot of my laptop today. I was running my photography graphics while opening a lot of boxes over the span of 9 or so hours with multiple times logging on and off…so sorry if the photos from here down are not my usual quality. 

Next up we have Black Bhantam’s offering of these really adorable balloon props including some with these cute kitty masks. I want to say there is a mast for you to wear that comes with it (and there is another mask in the box I couldn’t try on atm) but I couldn’t find it. When I do the photo set I will dig further and see if there is actually a wearable mask as well. The balloons come in Gold, Black, Silver. I will probably use these for photos at one point or another. My RL birthday is next month so I will more than likely use these for any birthday photos I do.


Up next… another cat suit. This one is from I ❤ Fashion…. and I have feelings on this. They aren’t totally good feelings or totally bad feelings they are just feelings. It gives me serious Catwoman feels again and I am ok with this on a geek level but on what I was hoping to see the shear amount of catsuits/bodysuits is disappointing. I tried this on with super high graphics, with the materials version, with materials on… and it looks.. ok. Like I am not 100% sure it would have been something that I would have gotten. I like the fit, it is an auto alpha which is AMAZING and I LOVE THEM. The texture is really what broke this particular outfit for me.


I even tried other colors and I came to the conclusion that it’s just latex is a pain in the balls to get right in SL. It really is. I am going to end up trying the white one when I do the photoseries because in the past white latex in SL was the most forgiving. I also don’t want to judge the store based on this piece alone so I am going to to their store and take a peek at what else they have on one of my shopping adventures because this catsuit was huge disapointment for me.


From SYS we have this super cute little jumper. Now again I love this and SYS was not someone I knew very well previously but I feel it was almost too cute for something called “Bish Box” maybe it was just the theme. I really loved all the detail on this. On the inside of the little ears they are pink. That type of stuff I just adore because that shows the time and effort that goes into making a quality piece.

I also want to point out the little collar. Now I am not a collar person at all. They aren’t something I would normally wear, I may just end up using it for photos. More than likely though it will be sitting collecting dust in my inventory. But that does not mean that it isn’t well done. It came with a nice little HUD that I neglected to get photos of but it basicly just changes the color of the leather and color of the metals. It came in the box in pink. I didn’t feel it in pink lol. It was from Kibitz. I have seen them at Gacha events but never played their gachas because I think I have only seen their collars. I know the Arcade is coming up and I hope they will be there with something else because I would love to see what else they have.


Last but not least we have a costume make up set from Identity. Again, this is another brand I wasn’t familiar with but I really loved the different options with this make up and it looked really cute. The HUD is super simple to use and looks really nice. This will be great for if I ever want to do a kitty cosplay or dress up for an event at a club!

Overall I thought Bish Box was pretty good. There was some stuff I don’t see myself using a lot but there wasn’t anything I really hated. The biggest issue I had was the texturing on the Nani hair and I ❤ Fashion jumpsuit. This hasn’t put me off Bish Box or the designers though, I know that one outfit from one box isn’t a fair judgment of their work.

I will more than likely get Bish Box again in the future, even next month as their theme I heard is Rocker Girl or something along those lines so I may check it out again.

Any suggestions on next month’s box? Comment below and I will take your opinions on what we should do next! Thanks so much for sticking it out to the end.

Between the unboxing, photos and writting this post it took about 6 hours plus worth or work…. so that is hell of a lot of work. I hope it was worth it. Stay tuned over the next couple days for the Bish Box photo set (which I get to start working on a little later today).


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