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Shopping Adventures: Zombie Suicide


I think the reason a lot of people in SL who love to shop become bloggers because we feel the need to justify our shopping habits… or at least that is what I am telling myself. While waiting for the Bish Box to be sent out this morning I was like hey lets go try out a new store. I picked Zombie Suicide for the most random of reasons… I liked the name and the owner followed me on Flickr. SO off I went.

It is a nice enough store, very large. It was a little hard to find some of the stuff that I was looking for but it only added to the exploring factor. There is some sort of special going on this weekend. Their VIP group is free for a short period of time and there are free gifts plus you get 25% store credit… which is always a bonus for me. I didn’t have a ton of L$ to drop but I ran around and grabbed a few different things that caught my eye.


So going through my inventory I noticed I had already gotten an eyeshadow applier pack from their store before so I opted for another make up applier first. This time I snagged the “Valentine” lip stick pack. It had some neat colors that I normally wouldn’t have gotten. I liked the purple a lot and based the rest of my make up around that for the photos.

All their make up is about 200L$ which is fine in my book but the only thing I have to say annoys me about ZS make up appliers is there are separate applier huds for each color. I would love to see on HUD for all the colors like many other brands do and pictures of the color you are applying would be awesome as well. I liked a lot of the make ups but the applier situation does kinda make me question if I am going to go back and pick up any more. Perhaps in the future they will change their HUD system, but I will defiantly keep checking back to see what new make up they have for sure. Their make up comes with a few different appliers including, Omega, Catwa and Lelutka so between those three you should be covered!


The next item I snagged up was this cute crop top called “Lissy Top”, it is super cute. I like how it fit. Like a lot of mesh clothes it did clip a bit in spots with some of the poses I was using and with my new bento AO from Tuty’s but for the most part is was nothing that a little time playing around with the Alpha on my body couldn’t fix. It does come in a variety of sizes for the different body types. It comes with a color changing HUD and some of the other colors were really nice as well, but as always black is my go to color.


Shoes are something I actually forget about a lot when I am out shopping. I hated the pre-mesh prim shoes so I pretty much always wore the same pair for years. With the new mesh systems it makes having a lot of different styles of shoes much easier. I am enjoying the new options.

I liked these shoes called “New Day Plats” because they looked like they were summer shoes but for someone with a darker color pallet, which I have. Just because I wear a lot of dark colors doesn’t mean I don’t want cute summer shoes too. The texture change HUD worked great and it comes with a lot of different color options you don’t see available with such a cute shoe. At 250$L they were the most expensive item I got today from the store but they were totally worth it!

I feel like overall the brand is in some kind of transition, I had popped over there a few weeks ago and they were in the middle of remodel of the store… SO that make me very curious to see what they are going to be doing in the coming months.

I would love to see some more clothes from Zombie Suicide, even though some of skirts were not my personal style being so short… I loved the textures on them. I liked almost all the texture work I saw on the clothes so that is really important for me when I am looking at over all brands.

Zombie Suicide Marketplace Store –

Zombie Suicide Flickr –


Non- Zombie Suicide Items in the photos –

Hair – Doe

Skin – Glam Affair (FLF)

Leggings – Blueberry

Necklace – Plastik

Ears – Mandala

Tattoos – Inhale


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