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My Favorite 50L$ Friday Finds! – 5/19/17


Fifty Linden Fridays is a staple of the SL shopping community, it has been around for as long as I can remember in SL and I have always enjoyed finding (or rediscovering) designers through it. I always keep an eye on what’s offered that week and this week I wanted to bring you guys a quick blog post breaking down some of my favorite steals from today’s event!

Glam Affair – Alura (American tone) – So I have a couple of Glam Affair skins I have gotten through Gacha’s but they are the Artic tone and I wasn’t a huge fan of them but this particular skin tone I think is rather beautiful. I am not a huge tan skin wearer (I am painfully pale in RL) but I really like this tone and may wear it off and on during the summer months. It was well worth the L$ and perk for those of us with the “Lara” body you don’t need skin appliers for Glam Affair Skins! They are built into the body and hud!

Junebug – Dress – I have no formal dresses on this avatar. I have had no reason to get one yet but when I saw this beauty up at Junebug for 50L$ I couldn’t say no. I am modeling the lace model. It’s very soft yet sultry in the same breath. The texturing is superb and I really enjoy the color with the skin tone that I got at Glam Affair. The dress is only for the Lara body, but I will say that there was no clipping which I always find to be a perk.


Curemore – Dragon Eyes – I am huge Curemore fan, I love their work. I was not disappointed with the set of eyes and dragon tears they released this week. I didn’t have a chance to test the tears out but the eyes are just beautiful. I am wearing the violet color and I think they are just so interesting. I will most certainly be coming up with some ways to work these fantasy items into some upcoming photo shots.

Non – FLF items –

Hair by Doe *gacha item*

Necklaces by Plastik *gacha item*

Liprings – Code – 5 –

Ears – Mandala –


The last item I got ended up with it’s own outfit, but they are super cute pair of shorts and tied up plaid shirt from Miss Chelsea. I had never been to this store before. I had heard of them but I hadn’t ended up poking around but I am going to have to go back and check out some more of their stuff because I really love these shorts. They are really well textured and just love the little details like the bottoms of the pockets sticking out from the bottom of the shorts.

The hair is also a past FLF item from Wasabi Pill  and I have been a huge fan of theirs for years and was so excited that this hair worked really well with the outfit.

Non – FLF Items

Top – R3Volt –

Backdrop – Astralia – Vintage Backgrounds – Dressing Room – From the Rewind Event.


Don’t forget to come back to check out my Bish Box Unboxing when it releases tomorrow!


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