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Not Enough Coffee In the World


Raise your hands if coffee is your go to concentration drink….

The last week really has been crazy in my RL, nothing serious or scary, but still just busy. So my SL time has been pretty limited to a few late night hours after my tiny human decides to go to bed. I try and catch my friends on so we can work on our homeland and businesses.

Speaking of businesses I have been deep in the depths of pre-launch hell. I have been using most of my free time in SL to work on my new line of affordable bento shapes. I was really sad to see the price of a lot of the shapes for the Bento heads… 1200 L$!?!? after spending upwards of 4k on a new Bento head! NOPE, that’s just too much money.

So I set about to make some very cute and affordable shapes… it seemed like such a simple idea. I love making shapes and it is one of my past times in SL. The new Bento systems though really makes doing unique shapes just a little bit harder. I spend way more time working on the faces for Bento shapes, but I am extremely pleased with results.

There is so much more to launching a SL business than just making your products. There are information note cards to write out. TIP – I do all my notecards in Google Docs first. I have found it wise to have a out of world backup. Google Docs is perfect as well because I can access and work on the notecards when I am not in world and even when I am not on my computer.

Beyond notecards you need promo images, that is always the most important part of things beyond the product itself. Those take nearly as much time as the notecards to be perfectly honest. There is styling involved. Setting up the photoshoot. Taking the photos. Post production on the photos. It all adds up to a lot of little things that have to be done in order to launch.

The last thing obviously is promotion of some kind. For me obviously I will be doing an extensive blog post about my flagship shape for my Bento line and a custom shape service that I am launching with the Bento shape line. Again, simple enough and something I really enjoy but it is still hours worth of work. It’s all just a lot.

The funny thing is this is just my personal business that I have been devoting a lot of time to. There is also the larger brand that I am working on launching with my SL sisters, called Curio Creative. Which is a umbrella brand for a bunch of different smaller businesses that we are working on launching. The services we offer will range from a photo studio to a land and event design business and really anything you can think of in between. The concept behind Curio Creative is that we are a group of talented artists who are going to come together to work together and support each other’s artistic endeavors. Awesome concept…. lots of work to get it going.

I really think moving sims mid pre-launch prep didn’t help us any but we ran out of space and needed a larger sim, but that’s (second) life.

Stay tuned for my next post about my flagship shape and my custom shape services, I am hoping the first shape will go live on the Marketplace by tomorrow with at least one more shape launched by the end of the weekend and third by this time next week. So busy busy busy guys!

Send more coffee!


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