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Fashion in SL is a tough subject because what I may like and think is cool you may think it’s hideous. It’s like RL like that in a lot of ways I guess. Personal style even in SL is deeply personal. Each item chosen for that outfit with care and thought. I have a very geeky, cheeky, casual style both in RL and SL. I do like a good pair of heals and a nice dress in SL a lot more than I do in RL but for the most part I try to keep it simple. My staple outfits and pieces are things that I would probably want to wear in RL as well.

Take the cute little sweater in the picture above, I snagged it at the Dark Style Fair the other night when I went wondering late at night. I grabbed it because one of my favorite shows is the X-Files. I thought it looked comfortable, yes that is something I look at in SL clothes at time, and it was really well textured. It’s by a brand called Wonderlost and when I ventured to their main store after the lag at the Dark Style fair started to get to me, I was pleasantly surprised bye the funny and pretty sassy little shirts they had.

I wasn’t going in to buy anything else but I ended up leaving with this cute little sweater dress.


Yeah yeah I know it’s the same pose but the dress is super cute. If I am feeling flirty I can wear it alone, as on my shape it covers almost to mid thigh. If I want to cover a bit more a nice pair of leggings (may I suggest Blueberry’s “cake” leggings) and a super cute pair of boots could be added to cover a bit more skin up. The only draw back to the dress was it was not for my mesh body, I had to take quite a bit of time to get all the bits to go away with the alpha tab in the hud. But I totally think it is 100% worth the time it took to alpha all the clipping out. I honestly think that the dress is an older design but it still stands up and is very cute. Though I will say this… if you don’t have a pair of layer panties and get this dress… you may want to invest in a pair of panties if you don’t want creepers caming up your skirt.

Overall though I am planning on going back and getting at least one, if not two more versions of this dress because I really do like it is a lot and think it will be really nice to wear out to events and great for fall themed photos later this year.

Wonderlost is defiantly a store I will be keeping my eyes on closely. I like there over all style. If you are a very sassy and well textured clothes go check them out. They didn’t have much in the way of new styles on their marketplace store, their in world store really has a superior collection.

The sweater dress is available in the in world store. The sweater in the top photo is a Dark Style Fair Exclusive, so you will have to get out there before the 22nd of May to grab that. They had a lot of other cute styles of that sweater up top. Lots of funny sayings and ones about SL stuff like Lag as well. SO please if you like this style check it out, even if you aren’t the sassy type why don’t you look at some of their other styles available at their store.


Quick note before I let you guys go…

I pre-ordered BISH BOX! I am going to try and snag at least one subscription box a month to breakdown and review for you guys. Maybe more as time goes on, but after a lot research I really found the subscription boxes really are a great deal L$ wise if you roll the dice and order them before the release. SO that is something I am really looking forward to. I am going to try really… really… really… hard to get it out on the 20th when it is released but my RL can get pretty crazy so it may be out on the 21st.

Thank you so much for all the follows on the blog, on flickr and on twitter! It really means so much to me know that people are reading and enjoying my work.

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