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Beach Ball Sized Lady Nuts


I love The Walking Dead, I love the show, I love the comics… it is by far the most rabid of my fandoms. So I knew, from the second I rejoined SL that I was going to do some full on TWD photoshoots and outfits. In RL I am huge admirer of Cosplay and the skill it takes to create these amazing costumes you see out there. I am also really blessed to be friends with some AMAZING cosplayers in RL. I once dabbled in cosplaying and did a lot of costuming for my high school’s theater productions. It was a huge passion of mine. I learned to sew at a young age from a gifted seamstress (my mom) and found a lot of satisfaction in seeing a costume from concept to reality. Now with being a full time mom I just don’t have the time to break out my sewing machine spend months and months on a costume and go to a con. It really was something that made me really sad.

SL is giving me that part of my life back in some strange way. I hunt for different pieces to outfits inspired by my favorite shows and books in SL and on the marketplace between rounds of dishes, homeschooling, cleaning and other parts of my life that make sitting down and planning a RL costume out so difficult. It still can take me a long time to find each and every component of a costume.


Take this Negan inspired outfit for example, it’s far from complete… I still have a lot of different pieces I want to try and hunt down. It all started when I found this insanely HQ Lucille on the market place just looking for random things that would be cool to have. ( – buy the bat here) It was fairly inexpensive at a steal of 199 L$ and it does come with a HUD for different options for the color and blood on the bat. I had to have it.

From there I began my search for the perfect Leather Jacket. I know there are some really well done full Negan costumes… but I didn’t want to go that route. I wanted a unique, pin-up style outfit that would be my own… but inspired by probably my favorite villain to ever grace the small screen. I have ended up going through two different Jackets at this point, the one I am wearing in these photos is from Addams. I think I will stay with this Jacket for the time being but there is always new items being released so I keep an eye out for anything that would be slightly better.

Instead of the signature red scarf, as I was worried about mesh and texture clipping and other issues for photos and just general wear. I opted for an ombre styled hair from Magika where I could bring in that signature blood red tone into the outfit in a subtle yet logical way. I really love this hair. It’s called “Unknown” and it has become one of my favorite hairs to wear just in general. It calls me back to my slightly Emo high school years LOL.

I am unsure if I am going to stay with these particular shorts from Blueberry or if I am going to seak out something a little bit more grungy. I tried the look previously with a pair of jeans (also from Blueberry) but I wasn’t satisfied with the overall feel of the outfit. I am in serious debate if I am going to go for a skirt, and perhaps…if I can find them… some garter and socks with some blood splatter on them for the final look.


Shoes and other accessories have been a bit of a challenge so far. Make-up as well. I am in desperate search of some really lovely combat boots that are made for women. Sadly I have yet to find anything that feel quite right. I am even more upset because last month’s Bish Box had the perfect boots/socks combo but I do not feel ok spending 3k L$ on a whole box… just for a pair of boots. I really really hope that the designer will be releasing them on their own at some point.

The last part of the puzzle that I haven’t really started on too much is the actual set and backdrop for the photos I am planning. I grabbed the poses I wanted to use when i came across them but I am still in search of the actual set. I am sure that will be that last thing I find, because it always is.

These photos are by no means the final ones for the Negan look. It still has a long way to go, but I am looking forward to the adventure of finding all the pieces to the puzzle!

Please keep checking back for updates on my Negan costume.

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