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This is how we roll…


I think one thing that everyone needs to understand is I am painfully dorky. It’s ok, I am well aware of it so don’t worry…. Also I usually am involved a dozen different things at once. It’s just my style… it’s how I roll. It’s also how my group of SL friends/family roll as well. We always have a bunch of things going on at once. There is a reason our shop/headquarters is called Curio Creative, because we have a lot of different services to offer in SL.

Recently we got into the Fawns breeding realm. Ok… less crazy breeders more small time people who think these little fawnies are the cutest breedable pets ever to hit SL! I mean… come on… how could you say no to a sweet face like that. Plus they are also wearable pets which is awesome as I usually like to travel with some critter. The thing I love the most about the Fawns though is the fact they DO NOT need food  to breed. Yes does their “food” help them breed faster but unlike the Ozimals that I used to breed years ago they don’t need food. Which honestly makes me over the moon. Because bunny food got expensive.

I am not a huge breedables person, I once was in the depths of bunny hell but I always was way too busy with other things. I also think if you get into breedables only as source of SL income that is just a poor idea. Breeding in SL is one of those things that can get way out of hand really fast. Something that that starts with one or two nests suddenly turns into an over flow of bunnies, meroos and fawns. I think that is why I am super proud of myself I only picked a hand full of nests for a pretty good deal and I shall see what pops up. That’s the fun for me. Seeing what my pretty little fawn babies make.


I don’t expect myself to become a crazy fawn lady, but I am happy to have something new to entertain myself with in SL. In my humble opinion that is where the true fun of breedables lay. So if you are a fellow fawn breeder keep an eye out for me at some of the fawn auctions and such coming up over the next few weeks.

My Fawn’s Names:






McCreedy – Still a Nest

If you get where a good chunk of my names come from then we can be friends.


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