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Under Construction


There are a lot of challenging things about coming back to SL after so long. I wouldn’t think it would be so much of an adjustment for me. There is a huge part of me that still starts to type stores into the search that I know aren’t there any more. I expect to see people online that I know don’t get on SL any more. Even clubs are nothing like they used to be.

I used to be quite the little club hopper but now I am defiantly becoming a homebody in SL. I love the home that I share with my best friends/sisters in SL. Now we are expanding to some commercial land. It’s going to be a multipurpose type of space with different things on different parts of the parcel. Like all the things we do in SL though it has to be done well.

Right now we are really focusing on getting a little shop area set up, one for my friend Shai’s items and two for the little photography business we are looking to start. It’s a way to earn some L$, which is always helpful, and me personally I love taking pictures. I have met some people with some really amazing Avatars in the last few weeks thanks to the upgrade of technology in SL and they are so different from my personal style that my curiosity is peaked about how I could photograph them.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my avatar… and I enjoy taking pictures of her but sometimes my subject matter staying the same doesn’t force me to improve my skills and things like that. Heck I dug through my inventory and huds yesterday to try and change up my style.. tried some pink to push my comfort zone a little but and I liked the outfit in the end but had trouble with my lighting and editing a little bit though. I still decided to share them photos I worked on even though I am not 100% happy with them because I want to see my progress over time you know! It has been a lot of years since I spent any time practicing my photography in SL and I defiantly feel a little rusty at times.

So while our little commercial land is under construction so am I in some ways.

also because these things were about the cutest breedables I have ever seen… check me out with my Shai’s new lil fawn “Goldie Fawn” – because we are dorks.



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