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My “Style” In SL


Sorry for the lack of blog post yesterday, long story short… I stayed up way too late Friday night working on a little in world project that my friend Shai and our little group are working towards. So I ended up sleeping away the time I have set aside to blog. Silly me.

Any who on today’s topic. I am trying to figure out what to call my personal style in SL. Grunge? Punk-Casual? Post-Grunge- meets stay at home mom? I really don’t think it has a label. My rule of thumb when I am shopping is that if I would not consider wearing it in RL maybe I need to think twice. Once upon a time I had no issues showing off my pixels for all to see. Now, now I just want to have fun with my ass crack covered in SL.

I know…I know.. that is not always possible and I do break my own rules when it comes to SL fashion from time to time, BUT I do like to keep it pretty casual in world. I was never one for fancy ball gowns, fancy anything really. It’s just not in my personality. AT ALL.

I love a good pair of jeans, a nicely done pair of boots and a very well textured t-shirt. Which surprisingly enough is super hard to find. Which is why I am super thankful I found R3Volt. So far in my time back in SL they have some of the nicest textured graphic T-shirts available. I also love the design of their in world store. While some of their times are a bit on the super sexy side, perfect for dancers and escorts a like, they have quite a few less revealing items I have fell in love with. Plus the in world store does offer a store credit system, gift cards, gacha machines and a huge selection of group gifts if you join their group (which does cost I believe 200 L$ but is more than worth it). Also reasonable prices and all the items I have gotten from them come with color/design HUDs with different colors and patterns, which is often like getting 6 or 7 different shirts or pants for the price of one. You really can’t beat that in my opinion.

But what really sold me on this store and made me dub it as one of my new favorite SL stores was a fairly simple looking bottle cap necklace that happens to have Fallout textures. Let me share a little about RL me, I am absolutely in love with the Fallout Franchise.  Fallout: New Vegas is probably my favorite video game to ever come out, followed closely by Fallout 4 and Fallout 3. Last year even I tried my hand at the whole YouTube thing and my channel focused mostly on reviewing some great mods available for Fallout 4 and building but I had to give it up due to how time consuming the whole process was. Back to the necklace though, it has 4 or 5 different Fallout related bottle cap textures that range from your standard Nuka-Cola to the New Vegas exclusive soda called Sunset Sarsaparilla. Which made the inner Fallout nerd in me cry tears of joy. I can have a little piece of my favorite game in SL with me. So a big thank you from me to the design team at R3volt having such a nicely done, well textured Fallout related item in world… because I’ll tell you what… they are hard to come by! Sadly my photos really don’t do it justice so just do me a favor and go to their in world store and check it out if you are like me and a Fallout fan. You will not be disappointed!

R3Volt Main Store SLURL –


Outfit Credits

Both Hairs are from Doe

Both tops are from R3volt

Bottle cap Necklace from R3volt

Shorts from Blueberry

Tattoos from Inhale

ps. I started demoing catwa mesh heads… I am still in the process of choosing which one I like the most (because they are all so darn beautiful)  but I will be getting one in the near future so stay tuned for that!


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