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Learning to Let Go


One of the hardest things about being gone from SL for years is watching your inventory go old…stale and pretty effing useless. Logging back on for the first time in years was a total culture shock. Back in my day… I had a beautiful avy. My clothes were top of the line, my skin and hair were the same. I was on point and looking great! Logging back on though, damn did I feel noobish. Now I have seen people with the standard SL body, but they are few and far between. So the first thing I did was get one of these fancy mesh bodies. I figured starting with a body would be the best bet and the less expensive way to go. A mesh head can come later when I was a little more financially stable and knew that I would be sticking around in SL for awhile.

Thankfully my dear friend Shai, had come back to SL in the time period I was gone, and she made sure I had the best body available with the Metriaya Lara Mesh body. I was in awe of it the moment I put it on. Never had I even dreamed that something like this was going to happen in SL. Now I did feel like a total noob trying to sit there and figure out the HUD and I did make some less than smart purchases on the marketplace trying to find clothes and not knowing that you had to have special made clothes for each of the bodies but in the end I manged the clothe myself.

It became quickly apparent that my old layers clothes were next to useless. It was almost heartbreaking as I started to go through my inventory. One by one I looked at the 150 or so outfits I had amassed in my old SL days. Some had very distinct memories attached to them. Some I was pretty sure I had never even warn (do I have a shopping problem…possibly). But now with the mesh bodies they were just collecting pixelated dust in the rat’s nest that is my inventory. So I set about the massive task to purge the things that were useless to me in this golden age of mesh.

It was harder than I was expecting. There were things that really pained me to delete. Things that had serious memories attached. I know they are just files and pixels but when you have met some of your closest RL friends through SL, those are your mementos of different relationships you have formed. There were things that I distinctly remember being so excited to find, like this really well done Boondock Saints T-shirt that looked so much like a RL T-shirt I once owned. When I wasn’t working in SL it was part of my go to “Irish Badassery” outfit. I loved that stupid layered T-shirt as much as it’s RL counterpart. In the end though I ended up looking for photos with me wearing it and placed them in a folder called “Memories”.

I think anyone who has been in SL for any length of time. It doesn’t matter if you have been active the whole time or like me left for a few years and came back needs to have a memories folder. You may ask why… and here is my answer.

Our inventories get massive when we are old Avy’s, be they your main or an alt. It happens, we all need to admit that we sometimes will hold on to things just for that sentimental value. Not unlike how many people are in RL. While many residents in SL do have homes, a lot of us don’t rez everything we love in our SL homes. Land Impact (or in my day Prims) is a big factor. So that first house you bought in your inventory has serious memories, but that could have been bought 5..6..even 7 or more years ago and is so out of date, so primmy that you would never really think about using it again. But it was your first house. There is some attachment there. That right there is what the memories folder is for.

Now my little SL family and I took this idea a little further…as we all have multiple alts and a ton of stuff. We made a “storage unit” so to speak. Which is basically a bot that we named “publicstorage” aka Shady Lurker who’s original purpose was just to hold our junk. But alas in my family…there is no such thing as a basic bot. He has now become a little fixture of our home and in many ways another member of our SL family. We are working on a back story and will probably become the communal male avy for us to play Ken doll with… but his primary purpose is still to hold onto our transferable junk because what can I say… my family is a sentimental bunch.

I am not 100% done with going through all my of inventory quite yet… but I would say i am like 80% there. It’s never a pleasant task to tackle one’s inventory but letting go of my “Junk” and starting fresh so to speak has been exciting and freeing in a lot of way. I can put stuff from the past behind me, keep the good memories and move forward to create new ones!


Outfit details!

Body – Metriya Lara Mesh Body – (shape made by me *soon to be available on marketplace*)

Hair – Magika – group gift I think it is called “Honest” – either way it’s 150$ to join the group and it’s so worth it.

Skin – Illamasqua – Pale 02 (available only at their in world store I believe.)

Tattoo – Letis – Inermis Sleeve Color

Top & Bra – Myxx by R3VOLT (



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