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When the “Out Takes” Come Out Awesome


Today is an insane type of day for me in RL, my little guy has a pretty important doctor’s appointment this afternoon. So the normal amount of time I would have to devote to my  blog post is kinda limited this morning. While I have a good chunk of my inventory post done, I just don’t have enough time to prof and all that nonsense before I gotta run. So with any luck I will have that inventory post up late tonight. But I am trying to make sure I get something up for you guys each morning!… well morning for me here on the East Coast of the US. HA

Yesterday I spent the majority of the few hours I had to be in SL, trying to get pictures of all my Gacha stuff. I have an ok laptop to run SL, it does pretty good on medium/low settings to run around what not. Very little lag, the second I bump my graphics up to ultra and start messing with the setting to get the best picture I can… boy oh boy does this laptop remind me it is not a high performance gaming laptop! But I still manage to get good pictures.

The one thing that ends up being a bit of an issue at times is sometimes when I click the snapshot and take a picture things lag out and I don’t get quite the shot I was looking for. Sometimes I will just refresh and try again, sometimes though the photos still come out stunning but not quite what I am looking for. That’s when I save them anyways and refer to them as “Out Takes” because to me that’s what they are.

Out Takes are fun for me personally because I can put aside the style that I was originally doing the photos in, like yesterday just showcasing my gacha items, and have some fun. These Out Takes ended up coming out looking really beautiful and almost like something you might see from a high end RL Victoria’s Secret type of add. It is defiantly in part to the high quality texturing of the Sabine top from The Forge, I had never heard of this brand before and figured the Gacha was a low risk way to try some of their stuff. I was not disappointed either, while I am not huge fan of the color I got from the Gacha (I am not a peach person in RL or SL really) the overall quality of the texture and fit for my particular body was amazing. I didn’t have to Alpha anything out on my body hud, which since switching to the mesh body is now something I really look for with clothes. But I will go into a full review when I post my Gacha Haul post (more than likely over the weekend).


Outfit Credits

  • Maitreya Lara Mesh Body – (Shape – custom made by me)
  • Hair – Magika – Meadow – 03
  • Skin – Essences – Illamasqua – Pale 02
  • Top – The Forge – Sabine Peach Top – Gacha Guardians April 2017 (
  • Tattoos – Letis Tattoo – Inermis Sleeve Color

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