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So I am the type of person that likes to try and plan things out, specifically when it comes to things like blog entries. It helps me one, keep on track. Two, it helps me organize all the different awesome things I want to cover! Because SL has changed so much since the time I was super active and there is just so many awesome events coming up that there is no shortage of subjects to cover! I honestly didn’t even know where to start.

  • “Learning to Let Go” – This is going to be the next major blog entry. I will be writing about what it was like to go through my old inventory and how it was far harder to let go than I was originally expecting!
  • “Gacha Hauls” – Another upcoming post that I am working on getting photos done for right now! Including the one above! I have been exploring a couple of the larger Gacha events the last few days to not only check out what was available but also to try some new brands I hadn’t heard of before! This is already turning into a fun subject for me. I have been to Bloom, Loot Box and Guardians  so far. I am hoping to get into Epiphany before it closes!
  • “I am Negan” – A photo series of a sorta “Negan”-like cos play I am working on. I am about 2/3 of the way done with finding the bits to the outfit. This may be a couple of weeks off but I am super duper excited about this!
  • “Review – Magika Group Gifts” – Another post I am just working on photos for and pretty much just a straight forward review of the awesome group gifts offered by my favorite hair shop!

I have a few other ideas in the works but they are still just ideas trying to get worked out how I am going to do them. I am going to try and do just some random photo posts as well to fill out the blog. I am so excited to see the blog grow!

** The outfit credits will be in the “Gacha Haul” post and I will link it once it is up! Most of what I  have on though is from the Blood Gacha Grove. **


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