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Coffee and Contemplation


My favorite time of day, with out a doubt in my mind is when I am sitting down having my first cup of coffee each morning. It’s this blissful time where I am still kind foggy from waking up and more often than not it is the one time during the early part of the day I have to sit and think. Now most of the time it is the time that I have to plan my day in RL and write my list for that I need to get done in the day. You know the boring stay at home mom type of stuff, laundry, what needs cleaned that day, do I have to plan for any appointments and such for the kiddo. Not today though. My coffee and contemplation time is some what focused on SL this morning.

I asked myself last night, “What does SL really mean to you?” There is no real cut and dry answer. It – like myself – is a twisty and complicated answer. I guess I have so much more confidence in SL than I have ever had in RL. I consider myself an average (if not exhausted) looking person in RL, but my avatar (to me) is stunning. Making my own shapes gives me the chance to see what I want to see in myself, come to life in my avatar both physically and otherwise. Jane is bolder than I could ever be in RL.

When I get harassed in SL by some creeper, which we all know happens far more than any one wants to admit, I can jump to my own defense. Telling the person off in true Negan-like fashion with out little more than a bat of an eyelash. In RL, well I just ignore comments like that. Walk away with my head down. I just want to disappear and blend in with the rest of crowed in RL, on SL I want to stand out and be seen.

I think it also gives me a chance now… that I have a little guy that get sick easy, can go spend days and weeks in the hospital at the drop of a hat and even when well needs a lot of extra care… to explore that wonderlust I have always had but do it from the comfort of my own home. There are all these stunning sims in SL to explore and enjoy… many of them with no L$ fee of any kind… and I just walk around in game enjoying whatever fantasy sprung from the creator’s mind. I will snap pictures when I can and just enjoy that peaceful moment enjoying the environment. In RL I rarely have a chance to go much of any place besides the supermarket and a the doctor’s with my son. SL is defiantly a form of freedom for me.

Not just freedom to explore the world and the slightly bolder sides of my personality. It is also the freedom to express myself through art. I see my avatar as art. I take sometimes hours to plan an outfit. Even making special shapes for different photoshoot ideas I have. Like many other residents in SL my photography in SL is an expression of the inner part of my soul I try to keep hidden in RL.


Take the two photos I used in this post for example. I happened to pop on SL during my “Coffee and Contemplation” time the other day to try… note the word TRY… to get into The Epiphany event that is going on in world right now. I was frustrated that I couldn’t get on either sim because they were PACKED, and it wouldn’t let me TP. I know there are huds to get around this but I also know the limits of my Laptop… it would be crash city for me if I tried. I was frustrated and tid bit mad if I am 100% honest.

So I opted for a quick photo session in what is affectionately known as “Shady Lurker’s hut”. Which is really this beautiful Post-Apocalyptic shack available from DRD ( that we put out has the “home” for an alt/storage avy on the home land I share with my SL sisters. It was not wanting to rez all the way for me at different points while I was trying to snap shots… and that too was frustrating. But I pressed on anyways. Because at that moment I kinda felt half rezzed myself.

I am still deep in the midst of the tedious process of updating my avy and going through my old inventory (the next blog post is about this) which is hard and tedious. I am still trying to play catch up on trends and who makes the highest quality of of clothes, hair and skins these days. So my Avy, while I am happy enough with her, is not how I want her to be quite yet. I still am trying to learn about the mesh heads and have taken starting research on which I am going to drop the money on because these things are an investment… not just another dress ya know. Not to mention all the L$ I have in game is coming from RL money… so even in this I am on a budget and it’s going to be a long(ish) process to get my avy to usual blogger standards.

So the photos are not only a representation of my frustration about stuff beyond my control in RL but the stuff that is even beyond my control in SL. I like how they came out. Even with the partial rezzed bits.

On another note, before I drop the outfit credits. I will be dropping a post later day with an outline a few upcoming blog posts. This is basically going to be short list with the next week or so worth of subjects that I am going to cover so if you are interested in a topic coming up, please make sure to follow the blog. I am also on twitter, @thejanesnow and will be posting links to each new blog post on there.

I am slowly working on fine tuning the blog so please stay tuned as I am expand my social media presence and build the blog!

Outfit Credits:

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (shape is a custom shape made by me)

Hair: Magika – Summer – 03 (

Skin: Essences – (I will update this when I remember what my skin is called!, but it is not avalible on Marketplace, you must go to the in world store)

Tattoos – Letis Tattoo – Inermis Sleeve Color (

Top: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Stay High (

Shorts: Blueberry – Cossy – (

Photo taken @ Soul Sisters Clubhouse (my home)


2 thoughts on “Coffee and Contemplation

  1. I don’t know if you are a Premium member or not, but if you aren’t, you can get a 3 month membership for 1/2 price now until April 24. Linden Lab does this discount every few months, and it’s a great deal as long as you remember to drop back down to the free Basic membership before your 3 months are done. You get $L 300/ week and $L after the first month if you’ve never been a Premium member. That works out to at least a $ 15 value in lindens for $ 11.50. Of course, one looses some of that money if they turn their lindens back into dollars, because LL always takes a fee for transactions. If you’re putting money in anyway and not a Premium member, it’s a good deal though. You can have up to 60 groups, access to Premium sandboxes, customer support, and greater access into packed events – because Premium members get priority access now. – Nice blog, BTW. 🙂

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    1. I was actually planning on getting the premium membership. I find the linden labs home kinda useless for me personally, but I still want the extra groups more than anything else. Unfortunately I just finished paying all my RL bills so that left my SL funds really tapped till next month, but thus is life (and second life)! glad you enjoy the blog!

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