Getting back on the grid


Once upon a time I spent a great deal of time in Second Life, I worked. I had tons of friends. I was flushed with L$ and second life was good. Then…well then my computer died and well life happened, the way it likes to. I became a mom in RL, and not just any kind of mom. I became a mom to special needs little guy so for the first few years of his life, my life was nothing but hospitals and doctor appointments. It was hard, rewarding but hard. I found myself slipping into a deep depression from the isolated nature of this life. As the years past and by the grace of medical technology my son’s health improved and I reconnected with some of my SL family. (trust me you will get to know these ladies in future posts)

A little over a week ago, after some debate and a lot of thought we decided to rejoin the grid after nearly 5 years gone (for me at least). Second Life has drastically changed in many ways.

Some things are for the better of the grid. Mesh for one… mesh is amaze balls and I just can’t get enough of it. But I guess the club scene for me has been disappointing. Finding a good club in SL used to be so easy. Look at events on the search page and BAM- you are hit with 10 epic events at some of the prettiest clubs to ever grace the grid. Perhaps I have been away so long that I don’t know where to look, but I have the uneasy feeling that the club scene is not what it once was. Then again the club scene was never quite the huge draw for me.. it always was the fashion.

I explain SL to non-SL people in the easiest way I know how.. Think Digital Barbies that you can literally do or be anything you want to be. It is alluring and the creative side of me loves the endless possibilities. I think the other wonderful thing about fashion in SL is that it is all user created. That has never ceased to amaze me. I look at a lot of the very celebrate and unique designs for the new(ish) mesh clothes that are out now and I can’t help but be amazed at just the skill that it took to create this tiny works of art.

Much of my SL time in the my first week back has been poping around to the different shops and seeing how the have updated their styles. I am in awe really of the quality of the the items available these days. Back when I was very active years ago, to find high quality clothes was one of the biggest challenges that faced me in my SL. Now…well now… I have found so many beautiful and unique pieces I just don’t have enough L$ to get everything I want to try. But like all things in life this will be a process. Don’t worry though, I will be documenting my return to SL every step of the way.


Before I wrap up my first post lets talk about the outfit I am wearing because we need to give credit where credit is due!

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (shape is a custom shape made by me)

Hair: Magika – Summer – 03 (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Magika-03-Summer/9146337)

Skin: Essences – (I will update this when I remember what my skin is called!, but it is not avalible on Marketplace, you must go to the in world store)

Tattoos – Letis Tattoo – Inermis Sleeve Color (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Letis-Tattoo-Inermis-Sleeve-Color-Tattoo-Appliers/9036265)

Top: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Stay High (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BDR-Stay-High-Pack-3-20-Options-included/9747867)

Shorts: Blueberry – Cossy – (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Blueberry-Cossy-Maitreya-Belleza-Slink-Blue/7004951)

Photo taken @ Soul Sister’s Clubhouse (my home)

I am sure I missed something else in the photo but if you have any questions about what I am wearing please feel free to leave a comment (I will do my best to reply) or message me in world. Simply search “janefilth” and my profile will pop up! Either drop my a NC or send me an IM! I am always open to talking with new people! Keep it classy though!

Much love! Stay tuned for more SL adventures and Fashion ❤

PS. I am in desperate need of a Catwa head… desperate need…. haha!


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